Why I Choose to Work With Small Brands

Why I Choose to Work With Small Brands
why i choose to work with local kansas city brands by blogger, jasmine cooper, of jasminediane.com

Lately, I've been looking for ways to partner with local brands to create something with lasting creative impact. Partnerships are good for business and help to build trust. I am moving myself out of the blogger box and into the creative spaceship. Keep scrolling to read why I choose to work with small brands.

Why Work with Locals?
It's refreshing to work with people who have a passion for their craft and are not shy about partnering to create a lasting impact. My friends do amazing things, really. I'm happy to showcase Eyedentitee Theft Tee's, Shek Deva and Steven G. Photography because they're all dope brands ran by young black creatives. #blkcrreatives Beyond our friendships, I've found that brands you can build in-person relationships with are more likely to take a chance with one of your big ideas.

The biggest perk is exposure to a wider audience in your geographical area. Think local in terms of brands and you're more likely to hear back when sending out pitch emails. Relationships are everything when looking to collaborate and sometimes it's easier to trust someone you can see face-to-face. I like working with KC bloggers, so I can grab their audience and raise awareness about their brand to my audience. Collaboration means that everyone eats when its done right.

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These are reasons why I love to work with small local brands. I hope that this post put some fire under your butt to reach out to your friends to collaborate. If you believe in the work that your friends are doing then reach out with ideas to create BIG MOVES, together. Collaboration is the name of the game. Check out my distressed jeans collab with HayQueen.com here.

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