Interview Dos and Don'ts for Recent Grads

Interview Dos and Don'ts for Recent Grads
Interview Dos and Don'ts for Recent Black College Grads. Kansas City. Blogger. Jasmine Diane.

The time is here. You're finally interviewing for your dream job. But this isn't a fairytale and you don't have a shiny list of references to back you up, so this interview is all on you. You were the first person to graduate from college in your family and everyone is depending on you to "make it," so you have to nail this interview. Sis, relax because you will nail this interview and slay at your first gig. 

Do: Research the Company
It's time to do some research. This is your dream job, so you should know a ton about the company. Stalk the company's website and social media page. Find 3 company talking points for the interview. For example, compliment the brand on a new client venture, recent success story or lead. This will show your interviewer that you're not only a hard worker but you're invested into the company's success overall.

Do: Stalk Your Interviewer on LinkedIn
Find common ground with your interviewer and milk it. Maybe you both attended the same college, participate in the same sorority or are from the same home time. This is very important. An interview is a lot like a first date. You want your interviewer to leave excited about the opportunity to work alongside you. Always ask for the name and position of your interviewer(s) beforehand.

Do: Show Up Early
Time waits for no man. Leave the house at least 15 minutes earlier than needed. Parking could suck or worse an accident could delay traffic. You don't want to show up late with excuses and miss out on a golden opportunity. Aside from that, you want time to give yourself a pep talk and say a prayer before you walk into the interview. Your nerves will be on 10,000 so extra time to calm them is needed.

Interview tips

Do: Smell Fresh
Make sure you shower before your interview, dab on some perfume and pop in a mint. This is the big league... so stay away from gum and chew your mint before you meet your interviewer.

Don't: Fidget During Your Interview
Sit up straight and look your interviewer in the eyes. Eye contact screams confidence. Be still and nod your head when spoken to, but never let your eyes wonder. You have to be present both physically and mentally to nail an interview.

Don't: Overthink Your Responses
Last but not least, be conversational not monotone. Be quick on your feet AKA swift with your responses. The night before the interview make sure you think of why you should be hired and what you can bring to the table. 

You got the interview because of your previous experience and you'll get the job if you ace your interview. Remember that this job is meant for you. When you make it, we all make it. Share your magic, sis.

Do you have any interview tips? Please share.

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