Travel Diary: Spring Break in Atlanta

Travel Diary: Spring Break in Atlanta

Atlanta was ah-maze-balls! Let me saying it again, I loved my visit to Atlanta, GA for spring break! Delicious food, networking, laughter, and good company kept me busy + happy during my second stay in ATL. My beautiful hostess, Anneka of Show Me Shoes, took me to eat, laugh, site see, and everything in between! Atlanta definitely showed me a good time! I will be back again this year!
Once I got off of the airplane from my first flight, it was time to eat! Tin Lizzy's was the bomb! I had some type of salad that wasn't really a salad or healthy, but tasted like heaven. The good news is I enjoyed every bite, but the bad news is this salad was the beginning of the end for my diet! However, spring break is a time to relax so I figured I would eat everything that I wanted to! We'll get to the cupcakes and donuts a little later! Once we wrapped up dinner at Tin Lizzy's it was time to see Tank! OMG he is way past fine! He spoke + sang + stayed around to take pictures with everyone in the audience. Did I mention that I afterwards he followed me back on Twitter? LOL heeeeey boo!
Candied yams, macaroni and cheese, and fried chicken from Pashcal's
Day two started with live streaming of a church service + blogging! We later visited the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site + the historic Ebenezer Baptist Church. Talk about a life-changing experience. I can't put my joy into words, so I won't try! If you haven't been then get there, please go! This was another thing to knock off of my 23 Before 2-3 List, I have 2 more museums + 1 more city to go! I really enjoyed the black and white photo images in the museum + family photos of the Kings. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and countless other Civil Rights activists gave so much, even their lives! We ended our museum trip with some of the best soul food I have ever had, Pashcal's, and 2 Krispy Kreme donuts!
Signs from the King Senior
Posing next to the jail room display
Beautiful mural across from the King Site
Where it all started!
Day three started with blogging + pitching myself (I couldn't go a week without working!), shopping, and a sushi date! Rusan's has $1 sushi ladies and gents! Did I mention that I tried seaweed salad for the first time? It was so freaking good! And I used chopped sticks the correct way! Yay me! Atlanta taught me step outside of my comfort zone and try new things! Anneka and I ended the night with a comedy show! After that I was pretty out of it!
Day four started with blogging + a nice walk along the river! It felt great to enjoy some fresh air + sight see. Anneka and I ended the night with Checkers and much needed rest! If you haven't had Checkers, please go treat yourself to a cheeseburger + fries! I promise you that you'll thank me later! My last day in Atlanta started out at the Aspire Network then ended in the airport. I flew home via Delta Airlines. Another successful flight with great customer service. Finally, bad came and swooped me up from the airport!
Ps. Atlanta was everything and more! I will be traveling again soon! Do you have any suggestions of festivals, cities, museums, or restaurants to visit?