Get'Er Done: April 2015

April showers bring may flowers! I must say that I am super excited and anxious for this new month! I graduate from college in less than 60 days. Talk about excitement! This month I want to actually do everything on my goal list. These posts help to hold me accountable and I hope that they inspire you as well! If you want to learn how to set goals and know more about the importance go goals leave a comment below!
Last Month's Goals:
1. Pitch 3 Brands: I've reached out to more than 3 brands, so yay me!
2. Media Kit: DONE
3. Apply for 5 Full-Time Jobs: NOPE, but I did apply for a couple of internships. Wish me luck!
4. Lose 6 Pounds: I lost 3 pounds! Spring Break was good to me in the food department, so I didn't make my goal!
April Get'Er Done List:
1. Nail down a job or internship for post-graduation: I am looking into 1 internship in particular! I hope that it is mine for the taking! I have officially decided to stay in Kansas City for the summer, so that I can save up to relocate and spend quality time with my family before I move. I'm excited to experience Kansas City as an adult!

2. Create business plan for upcoming project: I will keep you all posted once its all said and done!

3. Lose 8 pounds: I really, really want to be smaller for my graduation! I have lost inches, but not too many pounds and I think that it is because of my diet. I'm not really sure honestly. It was easier losing weight the last two times around. This time it is a real challenge, but I'm up for it! Fit Fridays have been a great way to check-in. Do you have any fitness goal for the month?

That's all for this month guys. Did I mention that I knocked a few things off of my 23 Before 2-3 List? I'm still stoked about this list and I'm grateful for the positive feedback from everyone via blog posts and social media!

Be sure to join in on the Blogger Monthly Goals Link-up that Drea of The Drea Daily started! If you're a part of the link up be sure to leave your blog address in the comment box below!

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