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The Real Reason I Took Crazy Time Off

LifestyleJasmine Diane
The Real Reason I Took Crazy Time Off
Taking a break by jasmine diane

In the famous words of Auntie Bey, "I took some time to live my life." It's been a few weeks since I published my last blog post and so so so much has happened. Sis, I needed a break from my responsibilities to live in the moment. I’m all for the grind, but I’m equally as down for self-care in the form of rest. Social media tells us to never stop working, but the devil is a liar. Rest is good for the soul and love makes life better. Don’t miss out happiness trying to achieve perfection. Keep scrolling to get the tea on what I’ve been up to.

New Job

I was blessed to start a job with an awesome advertising agency on March 1. (Read How to Slay Day One at an Ad Agency here.) I loved my first agency and I am eager to see what my new job brings. God really ordered my steps with this job, from the client, to benefits, to travel. It feels great to work on a fashion brand while staying in Kansas City. I’ve toyed with the idea of leaving the city, but I know that I’m not ready just yet so this job was right on time. God always shows out.


I’m dating someone special and it feels good. And this time, I’ve decided to keep that offline for the most part. I’m cherishing the butterflies, all night calls and dancing. In all my years, I’ve never dated someone I considered a close friend. Did I mention the fresh flowers and thoughtful cards? So with all of that being said, I’m happy.


The Jasmine Diane Spring Brunch was this past Saturday. With the help of my amazing social media manager, planning was pretty easy. I can’t thank Sydney and my close friends for helping me to make the brunch a huge success. Tickets sold out within a few weeks and everyone left with a smile. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to start spring. Stay tuned for a blog post with more details.


  1. When is the last time you took some time to unplug to live in the moment?
  2. How do you relax?

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