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Welcome to JasmineDiane.com

I empower women to brand themselves beautifully at their 9 to 5 and on the weekends. I started fashion blogging over five years ago in college. In 2015, I graduated from Mizzou with a major in retail merchandising and marketing. In the last five years, I have been featured in Marie Claire Magazine, worked with: Starbucks, Dove, Express and Pepsi, on the cover of Ink Magazine, sat front row at New York Fashion Week and hosted 3 sold out networking brunches.

I want you to leave this site inspired to take your side hustle a little more serious, but most of all with a little nudge to give yourself a shot. Here is where you'll receive style advice, branding tips and a peak into my crazy busy world.

Not much of a reader? Don't worry. You can join me for brunch or catch up with me on YouTube. I love to chat branding, take selfies and brunch with my readers. Don’t worry, I promise I’m just as witty, friendly and pretty in real-life.

Are you on social media? Me too. I’m always on Instagram posting stylish #ootd’s and on Twitter sharing #BlackGirlMagic tweets, hilarious gifs and positivity. I spend most of my free time flipping between the two. Beyond that I'm also on Pinterest sharing home décor goals and street style looks. Let's be friends, k?

Do you have questions for me? You can contact me directly here. I’d love to chat!


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