Black Boots for Winter


I bought the cutest black boots a couple of weeks ago from Target. I wore them in a couple of my recent posts: Romper and Plaid Top + Oversized Bow + Leather Pencil Skirt.Which got me thinking that maybe you were looking for black boots too. I mean, a stylish girl can never have too many pairs of shoes.

Are you a shoe hoarder? I wouldn't say that I am a hoarder, but as of lately I have grown to see the importance in investing in good shoes, meaning shoes that can be worn for more than 1 season. Black boots are great shoes to start your shoe collection because they go with nearly everything. Below you will find outfit inspiration and more because baby it's cold outside.

The trick to being stylish is finding simple pieces and making them your own. Bloggers do this all of the time. Trends are fun and it's important to be conscious of them, but don't become a slave to them. Personal style is sexy + gives off a special level of confidence. If you're having trouble finding your style check out some of my old how to posts here.

Questions: How are you rocking your boots? What boot styles are you loving?

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