The Choir Director 2: Runaway Bride

The Choir Director 2: Runaway Bride

Are you a book worm? Love to read and write? I used to reach nearly a novel a day in high school and now I'm back to my book word lifestyle! I try to read at least 2 novels per month and I figured that I would start share more book reviews with you guys. I loved

The Thrill of the Chaste.

You can check out my summary of the novel



Today is all about Carl Weber's action-packed and totally unpredictable novel,

The Choir Director 2: Runaway Bride.

If you love a good, old fashion mystery with heart break, betrayal, romance, and a hint of faith then you'll love

The Choir Director 2

. I rented out the hard copy from my local library and read this 432 page thriller held my interests for a total of 2 days! That's it because I finished the book in 2 days. Weber out did himself with the huge surprise ending, plot twists throughout the book, and surplus of drama!


I really loved the last 5 chapters of this book because the lies, drama, and secrets began to surface. Clearly this was a sequel so it did take me a few chapters to memorize the characters and their importance to the story plot. I don't plan to go back to read the first book unless of course

Carl Weber

plans to ship to me and then of course I would love to! I'm not sure if I would enjoy having read the sequel already! Do you ever read part 2 before part 1? You can purchase the book via Amazon


or check it out from your local library!


Read more and unplug as much as you! It is refreshing + exciting to step away from reality and into the plot of a good book. Go to the library and find a few books of different genres that look interesting to you and see which ones you actually enjoy reading and finish! If you're into e-books then download a few and get busy!

Reading is fundamental + it has been a great mental vacation for me since childhood!

I'm a busy body with an even more busy mind, so if I can sit down to enjoy a book then so can you!


1. What is the last book that you read? Did you finish it?

2. What are your favorite book genres?

3. Do you want to see more book reviews?


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