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Summer Accessory Must-Haves

StyleBrea Thompson
Summer Accessory Must-Haves


Accessories are a girl’s best friend – well, at least for me they are. I simply cannot go without my rings or Pandora bracelet for more than a day. These are my go-to items for every outfit because of their sentimental value and the classic look of them! Besides these few pieces, I look forward to seeing what new trends each season brings in. With the summer in Chicago being on the gloomy side this year, I tried to find a balance between simplicity and fun. Check out my three summer accessory must-haves.

Cuffing Season

No, this is not the regular “let me find a boo” type of cuffing. I’m referring to the trend for both your arm and ear.

Arm: Whether they are placed low or high, this is a piece that can make an outfit more chic. Don’t be afraid to mix it up and rock more than one on your wrist! Start your search at Forever 21 to find pieces at a convenient price.

Ear: Before getting my cartilage ear piercing, I would always marvel at the variety of ear cuffs. I even tried out a few and absolutely loved it! There are so many options that the combinations are endless, so head over to stores like Forever 21 or Nordstrom Rack to find the perfect one for you for under $10!

Midi Rings

I cannot get enough of these because there are literally “levels to this.” Seriously, mid finger rings are so much fun to add a little edge to an outfit. Plus they are a lot more comfortable than you may think! I lost my first few when moving, but I plan to restock on them before the fall semester begins. If you want to get an early start on school shopping, you can find these at a store like Nordstrom or a site such as

 Flower Power

On a gloomy day, a headband decorated with an array of flowers can completely change your mood and brighten up your outfit. Whether worn over a protective style such as braids or natural curls, this is the perfect accent item to add a bit of flair! Instead of paying for a headband, embrace your inner creativity and make your own with this do-it-yourself tutorial for under $5.

Do you have any favorite summer accessories? Feel free to share with us in the comments below! We would love to hear about fun items that we could add to our collection!