25 Things No One Told You: Post Grad Life

25 Things No One Told You: Post Grad Life
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You just graduated, got a new apartment, new car, and you're living in a new city! Life is great except for the fact that everything is new and a little unexpected. Here is an honest and comical list of 25 Things No One Told You About Post Grad Life!

1. You work harder with less sleep.

2. You have to learn how to cook. Eating out gets old + expensive.

3. Looking the part is 75% of the battle.

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5. Travel is good for the soul.

6. Roman noodles are not full of nutrients.

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8. People no longer just give you money because you're a struggling college student.

9. Taking naps in your car on your lunch break can save your life. Trust me!

10. Good music + bubble baths take the pain away.

11. Your college wardrobe is not going to cut it for the office. Invest in a few staple pieces per month.

12. Leggings are not appropriate bottoms no matter how long your top is.

13. Reading is fundamental.

14. Everything that you ate in college is terrible for you.



15. T-shirts and jeans are no longer appropriate to wear everyday.

16. You are going to feel alone if you don't network. It is time to be social and meet people who are nothing like you.

17. It is completely up to you to take control of your life and you can do anything that you put your mind to!

18. Sallie Mae wants her money rather you have enough to cover your rent or not.

19. Start paying into your 401k now. The time value of money principle says that starting early with saving will yield greater rewards than starting later and saving more.

20. T-shirts are not for everyday wear at work.

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22. Organization is the key to success. Invest in a white board to help keep you organized.

23. You're stuck with your college friends forever.

24. Get your sleep at night. Worrying does not change things. Be strategic about problem solving and goal setting.

25. Relax, everything will work out!