Street Style: Mizzou Ladies

Street Style: Mizzou Ladies

Street style is and will always be one of my favorite components of the fashion industry. Trends are fun and I do tend to follow them sometimes, but when I see someone owning their style or I wear something that embodies who I am as a person, I get an indescribable feeling of joy. Being yourself and making trends your own is what I think life is all about. I mean there will always be standards rather that's trends, weight standards, or even grades, but it is up to you to be the best that you can be in spite of it.

Fabric: Wool

Don't know what type of outerwear to rock this winter? Wool it is (Or another less expensive, fuzzy blend)! Texture is jumping out all over the place and it rocks. Wools and furs are everywhere on this campus. Chandler did a great job of mixing her cheetah print fur coat and fur scarf. A little bit of texture goes a long way!

Print: Stripes

Stripes in various shapes and colors have plaid out across the board this month. I see a lot of horizontal stripes. Mizzou ladies do a great job of making their outfits' pop with print. Stripes are such a classic print and just happens to be one of my favorites. My advice to anyone wondering what to grab this winter is a few stripe t-shirts and sweaters. A little print goes a long way!

Color: Burgundy

Burgundy is everywhere! From scarves, to boots, to hair, and it rocks! I see it used a lot as an accent color and not as a main color. Now that I think of my own closet, I do have 1 burgundy item and it is a scarf much like the other lades at Mizzou. Do you wear burgundy? Is it one of your fall favorites? Honestly, burgundy is a great color to spice up black and white stripes or black leather jackets. Dare to be different. If you want to shop small, then check out House of Rena. They have some amazing chunky scarves!

Shape: Non-Fitted

Everyone seemed to have on a long, non-fitted coat. Funny thing, my coat isn't fitted either. I see a push towards warmth with the longer lengths and non-fitted outerwear. The ladies of Mizzou are staying up with the trends of pastel outerwear. I took 1 photo of Rebekka in her baby blue coat and everyday I see at least 2 people with a pastel peacoat on. I don't like the bulk that they add to my body, but I love that they give me the ability to layer. Be cute and stay warm!

That completes this months street style post. You can check out last month's street style post here.

If you want to see how I dress, check out my last style post here featuring a sexy leather pencil skirt! Special thanks to everyone who let me take their photo in the freezing cold! Don't forget to connect with me on instagrampinterestfacebook, and

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