Leaving the Crowd

Leaving the Crowd

Are you prepared to leave the crowd to accomplish your dreams? What are you willing to give up to have what God has for you? Friends, relationships, cars, addiction, etc. can pull you away from your goals. Too much of anything can be bad, so though we need girlfriends, relationships, clothes, and all that good stuff it is good to realize that sometimes being alone is the best thing for us. I have always been a leader and very stubborn, so I would push people away. That is not the meaning of this post. Being spiteful and holding grudges does not mean that you have made it. When I say leave the crowd and go onto greatness I mean learn who you are, alone.

Learn Yourself
Are you unsure of your next move or what makes you unique? Lots of times learning these thing means being alone and spending time with yourself. Some of my greatest accomplishments came to past with hard work and alone time. The reason a lot of people don't succeed is because they never really learn themselves because they are lost in the crowd. I choose to walk the road less traveled. You have to make up your mind to take time to learn yourself and create your own path. God created billions of people and no one of us is exactly the same. How crazy is that? Out of all the people who have ever lived, are living now, and are yet to become no one has what you have inside of you. For a long time, I chose to follow the crowd and get away from God. Now I know that it was all a part of the plan for me to grow and learn myself.

Clap for Yourself
Leaving the crowd means taking yourself on dates, investing in your craft, laughing at your own jokes, pampering yourself, and finding the beauty in who God made you to be. It also means that you learn to love the parts of you that no one claps for. (That was a life-changing quote that I found on instagram.) It is amazing how much my confidence increased when I learned who I was and what I was good at. When we don't know ourselves we question our purpose and compare ourselves to others who do know themselves. Be a woman or man who understands that change is inevitable and leaving the crowd leads to purpose. Stay connected to people and things that matter to you, but you must leave the crowd to develop.

 Take Risks

If I never left Kansas City, I would have never ever started blogging or speaking to young girls. Leaving the nest gave me the courage and confidence that I needed to start my own blogs, successful business, and launch my freelance career. It is important to have family, but not to decide your moves based off of family. You have to have a clear plan for success and determination to make it in this world. Once you get away from all of the noise of the crowd, you will become that super successful and confident beast that live inside of you. Are you ready?

I hope that you were encouraged to get away from the crowd and learn yourself. You won't end with everyone you started with, but learning yourself and loving yourself will be worth it in the end. Stay close to God and trust the journey. If you want more engagement or jus to get to know me better let's connect via instagram and twitter. 

Happy Holidays!