Spring Cleaning Style Guide (Step-by-Step Instructions)

Spring Cleaning Style Guide (Step-by-Step Instructions)

Spring has finally sprung which means that it is time to spring cleaning! This is just any isn't spring cleaning though, this is for your wardrobe. Time to spruce up your basics, pull out some brights, and grab a new pair of rain boots! Spring means pastels, raincoats, springs, florals, and bright colors!

STEP 1: Pull out all clothes + shoes + accessories Why? Because pulling everything out gives you a chance to physically clean your closet space + prepare to organize your clothing items. Try to use the same color hangers for everything to keep your closet looking + feeling uniform. The goal of this Spring Cleaning Style Guide is for you to step into your clean, organized closet feeling like you are walking into your favorite boutique! Tip: Buy new hangers this spring! I plan to invest in new wooden hangers once I move into my first big girl apartment after graduation! Right now I am using plastic white hangers + various hangers from stores that I shop at.

STEP 2: Make a pile of GIVEAWAY items  How to tell if you should get rid of an item:  1. You haven't worn it in a year or more 2. It doesn't flatter your figure (Ex: tops that make your shoulders look like a linebacker, skirts that are so short your cheeks are peeking out, etc.) 3. It doesn't align with the new way you want to style yourself. Tip: Step outside of your comfort zone! I encourage you to try new things this spring with your wardrobe rather that means brighter colors, a hair cut, shorter dresses, or more hats! STEP 3: Organize all items according to type + color Start with your whites then move to your darker colors! During the spring I like for my wardrobe to have more yellows, pinks, oranges, and neons than darker colors. Try this style ratio: 40%: Yellows, Pinks, Oranges, and other bright colors 25%: Denim + Whites 15%: Neons 20%: Navy + Blacks + Grays

STEP 4: Style 5 to 6 outfits for the upcoming week Why? Spring cleaning isn't all about getting rid of old things and finding a reason to shop. Spring cleaning provides you with a new chance to fall in love with old pieces in your closet! You can use my Style Guide, magazines, other blogs, and videos for sources of inspiration! I love to look at Style Caster + Pinterest for outfit ideas!

STEP 5: Organize shoes + jewelry Ideas: 1. Put away all winter boots 2. Get rid of any jewelry that you haven't worn in over a year 3. Pull out 5 most worn pairs of shoes and place under the bed 4. Add jewelry + shoe ideas to those 5 to 6 outfits that you style 5. Create a system for jewelry + shoes organization Tip: Check out some DIY ideas via my Pinterest page!

STEP 6: Place all clothing + shoes + accessories back into your closet This step may take a long time, but it is so worth it. Take your time and develop a color scheme for your wardrobe and adjust your clothing accordingly. I love to use the color wheel to organize my clothes. My closet goes from whites to warm colors to cool colors to black! This last step makes things easier when you are searching for specific items in a rush!

Easy right? This entire process could take anywhere from 2 hours to 2 days depending on your closet size and level of dedication! I go through this process twice a year, fall and spring, and it is always worth it. I enjoy playing dress up within my own wardrobe. Spring cleaning gives me a reason to shop with purpose instead of wasting money! Try it!

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