Queen Tee + Pink Trousers

I'm back this week gals! Last week was pure crazy sauce for me. In between running a business, starting new projects, doing freelance work, trying to work out, SCHOOL, and maintaining this site things got hectic. I was forced to take a step back from blogging + social media. Did I mention that my love life was rocked and I was blessed to take my graduation photos. There are a million things that I could rant about, but I really wanted to just engage in girl talk to say that I love everyone who reads Jasmine Diane and appreciate the kind words!
We're almost 1 year into this thang with a ton more to go. I will be making changes and such. I want to keep my blog lifestyle focus. I am changing just as much as this site, so sorry if I move too fast for you all to keep up at times. Did I mention that I am starting my own organization + graphics shop! I have so much in the works and it is finally dawning on me that I have a ton of amazing work to offer this world. I am not confined to life behind the keyboard. I can do great things with my hands and so can you! April is almost over and 2015 is nearly halfway done. Where are you on your year goals?
I hate not reaching my goals and my fear of being stuck is greater than my fear of failing, so I like to shoot for the stars. What are your goals for yourself? Get your butt up off of the couch and do what you were made to do! Life gets tough, I know, but what do you truly desire? We weren't created to be mediocre or live boring lives. Stop letting him or her or it hold you back! Geesh I'm excited about life and I want you to be too!
Okay enough girl talk for now! I love this t-shirt because it is empowering and the movement behind it is dope. I will be featuring more tees from the Majestic Movement throughout the year. I have a thing for t-shirts and jeans, clearly!
Tee C/O: Majestic Movement // Shoes: JustFab.com / /Pants: Old Navy // Necklace: Rue21 (old)
PS. What are your favorite t-shirt brands and street wear lines? Leave the names + links below!