Road to Graduation (Jasmine Diane)

Road to Graduation (Jasmine Diane)
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I graduate from college in exactly four months with my bachelors degree. I am beyond excited and proud of myself, but the work is just getting started. I am going to document my goals, job search, relocation details, and all that good stuff along with the journeys of a few of my classmates with this series, Road to Graduation!
Graduation is such an exciting time and a tidbit scary. I figured that this series would be a great way to open up dialogue between my readers and I. College has been awesome and I am looking forward to finishing strong, but I have few goals to reach and a job to secure before I cross that stage. Below I have listed out a few of my goals, fears, and other commentary about graduating. Enjoy!
My Goals Before Graduation:
Raise my GPA from a 2.9 to 3.0
Save initial $1,000 for my move to Atlanta
Pay off all credit card debt ($442)
Pay off 1 student loan ($950 loan)
Travel to Atlanta
Do you have any fears about graduation?
I am nervous that I will graduate from college and lose my ambition. I have always been successful with my goals and reaching for something, but I stopped planning my life after college graduation. My plan was to marry and be a stay at home mom, so now I am forced to face the fact that I have to face this big, scary world.
What are your plans for after graduation?
After graduation I plan to move to Atlanta to pursue a career in media. I would love to write for a larger blogger while I grow my brand and do freelance work as well. I ultimately would like to be a full-time entrepreneur with the Jasmine Diane brand, graphic and web design, and social media management.
Do you already have a job? If not, are you actively searching? Why or why not?
If so, how and where are you searching? No, I do not already have a job. I have been looking at applications, but I haven't applied for anything yet. Wish me luck, as I start to apply this month!
Do you have any words of wisdom for those who hope to graduate from college in the future?
Pray for wisdom and the desire to work hard. College is about so much more than passing classes and partying. I developed my brand in college and found the purpose in my life. I have grown in each and every way as a woman from my college experience. Oh yeah, be sure to enjoy it because it goes by quick!
Thank you guys for tuning into my first post in the Road to Graduation series! I am looking forward to reading and sharing the stories of other graduates with you all! Stay connected with me via twitter and instagram. Until next time, toodles!