I'm Back
JasmineDiane.com is Back

It feels great to be back in action and control of my life and this site. I took some time to live my life, ya know? I needed God to refresh me and give me direction on what to do next. I was mentally full of my own ideas, thoughts, and goals that I couldn't enjoy any passing moment. But now I am ready to tackle my last semester of college and take Jasmine Diane to the next level. I love blogging because it gives me the freedom to be who and what I want to be without fear or hesitation. Lately, I have been falling in love with my life. I wish I could have done all of this while still maintaining Jasmine Diane, but I couldn't. I promise not to stay away for so long ever again.
I have a couple of questions for my readers, subscribers, fans, and whoever else is reading this post right now. I want to know why you read Jasmine Diane? What are your favorite aspects of my site? How do you feel about the new layout and colors? Please lease your comments and suggestions below. I value each and every reader! I still can't believe that I am living out my dreams with every stroke to my keyboard. Purpose and passion collide when you put your faith in God and outside of yourself. I feel recharged and refreshed more than ever! You should try stepping away from your day-to-day activities for a couple of weeks and see what happens!
Again, thanks for checking out my site and staying loyal! Nothing like having great people behind you! Peace and love!