Purse Essentials: “Just Throw It In The Bag”

Purse Essentials: “Just Throw It In The Bag”


Coming home for the summer involved a ton of packing. Then came the unpacking process after a two-hour ride home! Terrible, right? In the midst of the hustle and bustle, it always dawns on me that I lose my purse essentials.

Back at school, my friends and I are collectively a walking purse! Whatever, I do not have, they do and vice versa. But when the summer hits, it is an entirely different story because alone, I feel like a simple change purse. Time and time again, I find myself digging and rummaging at the bottom of my purse to find something. This is when I completely had a revelation that I needed to sit and create a list of my daily needs and keep it all in one spot – my purse.

Below are some of the items that I realize that I cannot be without at any time!


I realized that this is way more a necessity than before! The women in my family always told me that you need at least $20 at all times in case of emergencies. They call it “fast money” for all the emergencies or cravings that need to be addressed immediately, whether it is escaping a crazy date or buying Auntie Anne’s pretzels.

Signature lipstick:

I am one who only wears make-up on special occasions but this is seriously a mood changer when you need a little bit of sparkle and spice. I recently went to Ulta and purchased their brand of lip crayon, called Daredevil, which is seriously the best purchase that I have made in a while.

Lip balm:

Besides needing lipstick, lip balm or Vaseline is consistently with me. Cannot live without it!

Hand sanitizer:

College opened my eyes to how many people are around and the amount that each person interacts with items as simple as a door. This is when hand sanitizer became a staple product when I am on the way to lunch or just need a refresher for my hands!

Compact mirror:

This is an item that I learned from my grandmother and mom to always keep around in case of a quick hair fix or make-up touch up! It also provides a little more privacy and flexibility if you are on the move. My favorites are a simple round mirrors and double sided ones with a regular/zoomed in view.


Woo! Coming back home means that I can eat real food again. Whether it is local spots or my mom’s homemade cooking, I know that I will always leave with a full stomach. But sometimes, that great food needs to be combatted with something more refreshing! I tend to stick to Lifesaver’s or Altoid mints because they are great size and fit perfectly in my purse!

I am sure that you all have purse essentials that I may have missed so be sure to drop down any items in the comment box! We would love to read about what we can add to our purses!

Questions for you: What 3 items do you keep in your purse? Gum or mints?