Clinique and Clarisonic

Clinique and Clarisonic

I am giving you the God's honest truth because I am forever indebted to the Clinique sales woman who sold me this acne solution and Clarisonic just a few weeks ago. I have been combing these products for the last 5 weeks and let's just say I am in love with them both.

I was super duper self conscious about the dark marks on my face to the point that I wouldn't go to class or take pictures without foundation or bb cream on and I hated that, which brings me to my next point. You will never guess what was breaking me out! I will spill the tea in a future post. Let's just say that I had no idea how sensitive my skin was until recently.


I use Clinique's Acne Solution system twice a day everyday unless I am doing a mud mask. I also exfoliate twice a week using St. Ive's Apricot Scrub. However, I was recently informed that the crystals in St.Ives scrapes the skin instead of softly scrubbing so I am on the lookout for an all natural and budget friendly facial scrub. Suggestions?

I use my Clarisonic every night while I am in the shower. I started out using it twice per day and saw huge improvements with the oil on my skin. Recently, I have gotten lazy and only use it in the shower and can tell that my skin doesn't look or feel as fresh in the mornings. I plan to get bad on it!

Before Using Clinique's Acne Solution + Mia 1

Always oily in my T-zone

Uneven tone

Dry around the mouth

1 to 2 pimples per week

After Using Clinique's Acne Solution + Mia 1 

Smooth + more even completion

Less oil in my T-zone

NO Breakouts

I love my Clinique and Clarisonic. I also use Clinique's foundation for people with acne prone skin. Combined with the above products and drinking more water I can honestly say that my face has taken a turn for the better. I also use Clinique's dark mark corrector. I had to step away from Clean and Clear almost a year ago. Although Clinique is more expensive the switch was totally worth it for me!


1. Do you own a Clarisonic?

2. What beauty products are you using on your face? Suggestions?

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