Pretty and Polished Chic

Lately, I have had an itch to dress more preppy. I don't know if it's the fact that I am graduating from college in less than 100 days or the idea of getting old. Nonetheless, I love this look because I look pretty and polished. 
The quilted sweatshirt gives just enough details for a simple look. I think what sold me the most with this look is the color combination. I saw a girl in my class wearing a similar color pallet and decided that I just had to recreate the look. What color combos do you like to rock? How do you layer your colors and prints?
Be sure to stay connected with me on Instagram and Twitter for daily interaction. I am moving away from posting everyday. I am focus on the quality of my posts and the effectiveness of my work as I intern with Cocoa Fab and DEULX Magazine. I am finding my voice and learning that I am more than a blogger. I am a writer, a stylist, a sister, a budding social media expert, web design lover, and so much more. What areas are you becoming more pretty and polished in?
Sweatshirt: GAP // Jeans: GAP // Blouse: Land's End // Boots: Marshalls // Coat: Target