Get'er Done: February 2015

February is already in full effect. It's been quite a whirlwind of activities, emotions, and experiences for me. I was sick for most of it, but I'm back to feeling the boss today. LOL I have a ton of career focus things that I want to accomplish this month. I love a challenge!

I did accomplish some of my goals from my

Road to Graduation

checklist. Here's a little refresher:

1. Raise my GPA from a 2.9 to 3.0

: All A's so far!

2. Save initial $1,000 for my move to Atlanta:

I have $150 saved up so far!

3. Pay off all credit card debt ($442):

I'm down to $387! Hoo-ray for small victories!

4. Pay off 1 student loan ($950 loan):

I've decided to dedicate this money to saving instead!

5. Travel to Atlanta:

I have purchased my plane ticket and started saving. Next up is planning out events to attend while I'm in town. Suggestions?

Finish E-portfolio

I do a ton of digital stuff and never thought about putting it all in one place. One of my mentors advised me to start an e-portfolio a few months ago. I have started it, but it's not completely finished so I want to get'er done this month. I am branding both my e-portfolio and resume with the same pretty and polished looks. I can't wait to share the finished products! I got some resume inspiration from

Mattie James



Finalize new resume design

I have 3 or 4 different versions of my resume, but I would like to finish up my official freelance writing/ social media resume and start applying for jobs. Time is running out on my road to graduation and I am confident that God has a position waiting for me. It is my job to put my best foot forward, so that is the plan and motive behind finishing up my new resume design.

Pitch 3 brands that I want to work with

I want to work with more brands, so I have to pitch myself. I'm a tad nervous because my views and numbers aren't as high as they were with

Thee Fashion Stories

, but I do have great content, so the worse that they can say is no. 2015 is my year for fearlessness. I will let you all know how all of my pitching goes.

Complete media kit

I want to pitch brands, so I have to create my media kit and pitch letter. This project is going to take a ton of time, so I am giving myself the next few weeks to get it together.

Finish marketing plan

I need a more strategic plan for marketing my baby,

Jasmine Diane

. I love blogging and I'm kinda great at it so I want to take it to the next level marketing wise. The first big step for me is creating a plan and investing into a few paid marketing endeavors. Wish me luck!

Apply for 5 full-time jobs

I need a job! Enough said.

That sums up my Get'er Done list for this month! What are your goals for this month? Writing them down helps you to hold yourself accountable. Sharing them with other people makes it more likely that you will accomplish them! Go write down your goals and share them with 1 or 2 people that are close to you. Let's kick butt in 2015! This is the year to do away with fear! Peace and love!