Owning My Style + Tips for YOU

Owning My Style + Tips for YOU

I own my style because I have learned to be comfortable in skin, even if that means being "uncomfortable." Blogging has given me the courage and freedom to express myself via fashion both online and offline. I truly believe that blogging was one of the ways God saved my life. Style is the easiest nonverbal way to express who you are, so OWN IT! Owning your style means knowing and embracing who you are.
What is your favorite print to wear?
I love to wear stripes and polka dots, but my favorite print is polka dots. Or maybe it is floral print in the spring. Honestly, it depends on the mood that I am in. I love prints, but I'm also a sucker for solid pieces.
Name your go-to pair of shoes.
My go-to pair of shoes are ballet flats or loafers. I choose comfort over glam any and everyday. I'm not a huge fan of stilettos, but I do love a great pair of low-heel pumps. I am currently looking for a few great pairs of pointy-toe pumps to add to my closet. I want to start wearing them more often since I will be transitioning into the real world in a few months. I still can't believe that graduation is so soon!
Whose style do you absolutely stalk and adore?
I really love street style, but to name a few people whose style I stalk I would start with Mattie James of Mattiologie. I love her looks because they're fabulous yet relatable and usually affordable. I really like the way Rita Ora dresses on most days and Beyonce. I know that both of these women have stylists, so its tough to actually name drop. I adore the way celebrity stylist, Teaira Blount, dresses. She always slays.
Where do you love to shop?
I love to shop at Marshalls, H&M, and Forever21 as of now. Once I start making the big bucks, I would love to shop at J. Crew, Zara, and White House Black Market. There are so many small boutiques that I have yet to discover and that truly excites me. Shopping is one of my favorite past times. Who would have guessed?
Describe your style evolution.
I have evolved from a girl unsure of what fit and quality mean, to a woman who loves t-shirts, denim, and pencil skirts. I know what looks good on me and what looks jaw-dropping amazing on me.My advice to you is to find what looks AMAZING on you and what makes you feel like Beyonce. Combine those things and your confidence will sky-rocket. Then you will be owning your style. It doesn't take a lot of money, just a lot of self observation, trial and error, etc. Your style will evolve as you grow older, so do not fear change. Embrace the very place that you are in life.