5 Takeaways from the Live Civil Tour

5 Takeaways from the Live Civil Tour
JasmineDiane.com and the Live Civil Tour

Last Wednesday I had the pleasure of attending the first Women Empowerment Wednesdays Event featuring Karen Civil hosted by Shawnte Renee. I have been following Karen Civil for a couple of months now, thanks to Brianna Arps of The Mouthing Off Blog, so I was super stoked to get a chance to meet her. On top of that I really love the concept of women empowerment. I'm looking forward to the next Women Empowerment Wednesdays Event. Keep scrolling to learn 5 Things I Learned from the Live Civil Tour!
#1. Embrace what makes you unique
Karen Civil shared her story with us and the biggest thing that I took away was to embrace my uniqueness. She spoke about not fitting in while in high school and chasing her dreams without really knowing the title for her desired position. Everyday I am learning more about myself and trying to embrace the parts of me that aren't pretty. I think that being myself has become one of the easiest yet most challenging things about getting older. Everyone in attendance was engaged in Karen Civil's story and the Q&A session that followed.
#2. Everyone you start with won't end with you
This one is tough. I always expect forever out of people although I know that there is a time for everything. It's hard to accept that some people I started my life and blogging journeys with will not end with me. It sucks to outgrown people and situation, but it is always nice to use experiences as stepping stones. It is okay to go in separate directions as friends and family. You cannot be successful following someone else's plans. You must walk the path that God intended for you. Every great event has cute and tasty snacks!
#3. No one can block your purpose but you
It is so crazy to think that we get in our own way, but this is very true. We limit ourselves by building up walls and giving into our fears. Karen Civil insisted that getting outside of her comfort zone was a key factor in her success. I am forcing myself to follow suit and do things that aren't easy and smooth for me. This past weekend I worked with a dynamic photographer. I walked into the shoot confident and excited, yet terrified of what the final outcome would be. I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. You guys got a preview of the shoot on my instagram @TheJasmineDiane. There will be more photos in Lo'Cal Fashion Magazine's next issue.
 #4. Learn Your Craft
It is super important to learn your craft. Passion is great, but you need some intellect behind that fire. I am challenging myself to learn Photoshop next semester. I also want to master SEO and maximizing my social media pages to drive traffic to this site. What are your hobbies? How can you make them your paycheck? One way is to master them! The room was packed with business women interested in soaking up as much knowledge as possible!
#5. Work Your Way to the Top
Karen Civil made it a point to stress working hard and having tunnel vision. It's important to work hard and stay in your line if you are going to successful. Comparison only leads to envy, jealousy, and doubt. I was struggling with this for a while. I got so caught up in competition with other people that I forgot to celebrate me. Slowly but surely I have learned to let go of that and embrace all that I am, flaws and all. The grace and peace that KC embodied is difficult to describe, yet I feel as if this image captures it pretty well. I had an amazing time at this event and can't wait to attend more in the future.
My charge to you is to write down your vision and make it plain. 2015 is almost here and we all have a chance to live out our dreams. Use these 5 tips as pointers into the direction of success! I am looking forward to seeing more events from Shawnte Renee of Te Chic Boutique! There are no limits to what we can do if we do it together! Don't forget to connect with me on instagram, pinterest, facebook, and twitter! Until next time dolls, toodles!