OMG Yesterday Was Crazy: Goodbye Junior Year + Rock the Block

Omg yesterday was crazy! I moved out of my apartment and attended Rock the Block! Talk about starting summer with a BOOM! I had a great day and got to spend it with some super amazing people. I am looking forward to this summer, although my boyfriend & I will be living in two different cities. Yeah, that sucks! I can't wait to grow, expand my blog, and reach a few personal goals! Let's get back to how my Friday went!

 My guys (dad, baby brother, and boyfriend) moved me out in less than 2 hours! I am happy to say goodbye to junior year, but sad that my college experience is coming to an end. I am really proud of myself for hanging in there though because it is tough being a first generation college student. I will have some tips for college survival soon so stay tuned! After loading up the cars we went to eat on campus. It really made me happy having 3 of the most important men in my life with me at once. I love my dad, brother, and boyfriend so much! Once we finished eating we went back to my apartment for check out & we were off!
As soon as we were finished bringing my things in I had to dash to the nail salon. I was in need of a fill & polish change. I love getting my nails done. I do it to relax since I am always on the go. Sitting in that chair forces me to relax without my phone or laptop. My nails turned out great (photos soon)! Once my nails were dry I rushed back home to get ready for the Rock the Block Fashion Show!
 Rock the Block took place in Kansas City's Power & Light district. The crowd was full & full go energy. The band was absolutely amazing. I loved the energy at the show. Rock the Block consisted of 8 awesome local boutiques. Here is a short roll call:
Label Clothier
All of the proceeds from the show went to Wayside Waifs, a charitable animal shelter whose purpose is to place adoptable companion animals in responsible homes. Fashion and charity is both super important to me. Giving back is always essential! I enjoyed myself at the show & really appreciated the VIP pass that Kathryn gave me. I sat with a few of my blogger girlfriends during the show! 
Some go my blogger friend, Antonia of CurvaceousCity & La'Shonda  of FashionPlateKC.
Rock the Block was a great way to start my summer. I have a lot of goals for this summer & aspirations, so stay close to me on Instagram & Facebook! Oh yeah, we now have a Pinterest as well!  
Much Love,
Ps. Don't stay gone too long!