Letters from Jas: Thinking Things Through
This week has been quite the week! I've learned and grown so much in just a short period of time. I switched homes, went to a fashion show, finished my junior year of college, went shopping, went to church, and reconnected with my family. Not to mention saying goodbye to my roommates & boyfriend for the summer. This week has been full of energy & as I sit here typing, I can't help but smile. God has been so good to me. What has he done in your life?
Today I went back to my home church, New Life in Christ International Ministries. It felt great to see familiar faces and hear the Word of God. Minister James Neal spoke to the congregation about evangelism, spreading the Gospel of Christ. I started to think of all of the ways I could share the word of God and then I started to recall all of my sins. I mess up time and time again, much like other people. Then it dawned on me that God didn't call perfect people. He called imperfect people to preach to an imperfect world about a perfect God. It's funny how God can make sense out of our noise.

Minister Neal mentioned reading two chapters from our Bibles a day to kick start our fire for evangelism. I have decided to start this 30 day challenge tomorrow, May 19! Will you join in with me? Here is a small breakdown of the TFS 30 Day Bible Challenge. I will be posting more details to our Facebook page.


TFS 30 Day Bible Challenge
5/19- Romans 1 & 2
5/20- Romans 3 & 4
5-21- Romans 5 & 6
Each Sunday I am going to write a reflection about my week and specifically things that God lays on my heart. I hope that you will join in with me! Have a great week fashion lovers & get ready for some amazing posts! Stay connected with me on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest!

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