No Matter What


Do you believe in forever? I do. I think that everyone has one person whom they are meant to go throughout life with. Sometimes barriers come and doubts come, but when it's real you just know. I believe that anything worth having is worth fighting for. Rather that means mending past relationships, fixing old friendships, or quitting your job to start your own company. I just believe that we were all put here to live, love, and enjoy our breaths.
Life is a gift, so what are you doing with yours? Are you wasting time dwelling on the past or so busy planning for the future that you can't enjoy today? No matter what you are going through darling, you have to sit back and appreciate the small things that you have. Start here and start now, using what you have to make your life better. Stop chasing the money and enjoy what you do. There is never enough money when that's all you want. Life is not about being rich monetarily, but rather being rich in laughs, love, and friendship. When is the last time you just sat back and watched a movie in you pjs? Or ran outside topless? Or did something outside of your usual routine for that? No matter how boring you may think your life is or terrible things may seem, remember that someone out there has it worst than you. So laugh as much as you can and make memories that you will be proud of or at least you can laugh at with your grandkids.


I can honestly say that as crazy, silly, and loud I have grown to be that I don't regret any of my crazy college girl antics. I am having the time of my life in college and I am doing that with people who I love and love me back. I may not be married or even dating the man of my dreams like I imagined years ago, but I am content and it feels good. So I am encouraging you to push past your insecurities, fears, and doubts and go for what you want. Be honest and direct about what you feel. You have to be yourself and give yourself some credit. Nevermind what other people think about you as long as you can look yourself in the mirror with a smile. You are beautiful and someone loves you darling.
I hope that this encouraged you to go for what you want. I have a huge confession that I wanted to share as well... I want to move to NYC or Chicago after I graduate from the University in May 2015. I am currently looking for an internship in NYC or Chicago for Summer 2014 to take my blogging and styling career to the next level. Wish me luck and you can support my trip here.

Much Love, Jas