Brand Review: House of Rena

Have you heard of the House of Rena brand before? If you follow my blog, I'm sure that you have heard me mention pieces from the House of Rena Collection often. Designer Eranne Whiters is a young, gifted college graduate who was born and raised in Kansas City, MO. I did a personal interview on Miss Eranne Whiter here.

So what does House of Rena consists of?

House of Rena is an accessory line featuring headbands, scarves, totes, turbans, lapels, and bow ties. Miss Whiters also makes custom pieces as well. She specializes in dresses, pants, and jackets, etc.

House of Rena accessories are cute and affordable. Nothing in the accessory collection is over $20. Did I mention that House of Rena accessories are versatile? I style my turban during the day and sometimes use it as a headscarf at night. I can honestly say that I am in love with the House of Rena Collection.

My favorite accessory that House of Rena offered for the summer is my polka dot turban. But for the fall, I am looking forward to rocking my stripe infinity scarf. My scarf is soft and hugs gently around my neck. I can tell that Miss Eranne Whiters took her time creating my scarf. But wait there's more.... did I mention that I bought a House of Rena headband as well? It's floral and there are more online here.

I have yet to wear it because I am waiting for the prefect hairstyle. When you have short hair you can't just throw on a headband. Which is another reason why I am thinking about growing my hair back out. (That's a whole other story!)

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and head on over to to learn more about House of Rena and designer Eranne Whiters! It was my pleasure working with Eranne Whiters this summer and can't wait to see more of her work! I know for a fact that she works hard and has what it takes to make it to the top. Be on the lookout for more from House of Rena!

Bigger and greater things are in store this fall. Be on the lookout for a and House of Rena collaboration. I support the House of Rena brand 100% because it is authentic and high in quality. I salute you for being a great designer and friend to me Miss Eranne Whiters! I can't wait to see you take the fashion industry by storm!

Much Love,