My Perspective is to Choose You

My Perspective is to Choose You
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I turned 23 years old a few days ago, October 13, and can't help but smile. My perspective is to choose you. There is something about birthdays that cause for both celebration and reflection. Perhaps it is the fact that you are a year closer to death or steps closer to your purpose. Life itself is really a matter of perspective. We have the power to create spaces that empower and encourage us.

22 was a very successful + overwhelming year for me. Here are a few key events:

College graduation (the first in my family): I have not hung up my diploma because honestly I still feel like the same Jas. The piece of paper that came in the mail didn't really do anything special for me. Maybe it's because I have been working in my passion + purpose of blogging for 3 years. I just started designing this year. My goal is to hang it before Christmas.

Singleness: The relationship that I was in ended, sort of out of the blue. It didn't really hit me that it was over until recently though. Its been about a year now though, but that's a whole different post. To keep it short, I am single and sorta looking but really not interested in pursuing anything at this time. I'm checking the it's complicated box. LOL

Goals: I accomplished nearly everything on my 23 Before 23 List and then some. 22 gave me the momentum + tough skin to embrace 23. I'm excited to see what life has in store for me., top black fashion bloggers in kansas city, Choose you

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Oh yeah, I decided to stop being boring and reaching for perfection. It was literally making me sick. I'm a natural overachiever. Growing up in a bunch of 6 kids, you learn to stand up. For me, I decided to achiever to "earn love" from others and that same behavior spilled into all of my relationships, both recreational and professional. I was always trying to do the best not to be forgotten, but now I get that I'm just me + my best is enough. It's surreal how a few days of reflecting and cutting away from social media have changed my views on life and myself. You should try it sometimes.

Do you give yourself permission to make mistakes? I mean, like seriously cut yourself some slack. From one over achiever to another, you got this. You will get "there" or realize that you are already "there" when you choose to appreciate the beauty in the things around you. I am going to start writing more since this is a lifestyle blog. Views may sky rocket or decrease, either way I will stay true to myself + my rants. LOL

Give yourself permission to do amazing things, especially if they scare the crap out of you. Don't wait until your next birthday like I did, you deserve the peace of mind + freedom that comes with self acceptance and self-love. No one is going to love you like you love yourself. Choose you + do dope things. It took me 23 years to get to the point of accepting my flaws and realizing that not everyone deserves the opportunity to be in my space. My space is precious to me, so I choose to guard it.

I could go on and on, but the most important thing that I want you to take away from this post is that you are enough just being you. God created you complex and that is okay. Stop dulling your light and conforming your beliefs to fit in.