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Let the Dead Things Go

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Let the Dead Things Go
The trees are about to show us how lovely it is to let the dead things go.

Birthdays, weddings, and funerals cause for a lot of reflection. What is it about change that pulls out our insecurities, fears, and dreams? A couple of my Facebook friends have recently gotten married, are currently pregnant, have children, or have even passed away. With all of that going on, I have been in deep thought about what I want out of my life. What do you want? I mean, like really want?

Life is short, yes as a matter of fact the Bible says that our lives are but a vapor. How crazy is it that none of us will live here on Earth forever? With that in mind + my recent birthday shenanigans I have decided that I will no longer live my life in fear of failure or losing.

The biggest thing for me has always been losing something or someone that I loved so deeply. This fear paralyzes the heart, you hold onto dead things. No bueno. Choose to latch onto people and things that make you better. You are important enough to choose you. If you missed my last post,My Perspective is to Choose You, read it here. In case you're a quote lover, like myself, digest this fall quote:

"The trees are about to show us how lovely it is to let the dead things go."- Unknown

I know, I know it gets me every time. What dead things or people are you holding onto? Let it go, honey. He is not changing. Think of how hard it is to change something within yourself, now multiply that by 1,000 trying to change someone else. It is impossible. Breath and let the dead things go.

There is something so beautiful on the other side of death. Once I let go of the idea of my ex and I getting back together a couple of months ago, which took a lot of soul searching because I did not want to be single. It wasn't so much losing him, but letting go of the idea of perfection that we produced to the outside world that was hard for me to let go of, so I mentally and emotionally dragged out the breakup for months. Until I started to see the beauty + value in myself. Surprise, "@thejasminediane," has issues too. I'm not ashamed of them though, that's what separates the dreamer and the doer. Embrace what makes you unique.

I say all of this to say that maybe the reason you aren't excelling is because you're too much of a bag lady. Let the dead things go and dare to see the fulfilling + life-changing  things developing on the other side of this situation for you.

If you had a daughter, would you choose this person or situation for her? No, so why are you choosing this for yourself?

Value you because you matter.