Interviewsjasmine diane

Nickie Davis

Interviewsjasmine diane
Nickie Davis

Ladies and gents I have the honor and privilege of introducing you all to Nickie Davis. Nickie is the owner of Muse Clothing, located in downtown Columbia, Missouri. Nickie is a self-taught business woman with a gorgeous smile. I had the opportunity of meeting Nickie a few months ago when I reviewed her store, M-- USE Clothing

You can check out my review here. Continue reading to learn a little more about Nickie Davis of M-- USE Clothing. Nickie graduated from the University of Missouri in 2010 with a bachelors degree in Interdisciplinary Studies. In the next five years Nickie plans to expand her company. She has worked with a host of retailers and companies, both local and national. Nickie has a welcoming personality and sweet spirit. I am grateful for the opportunity that Nickie gave me to review M-- USE Clothing and I am ecstatic to share this interview. Keep reading to learn more about Nickie Davis.

Who have you worked with and/or worked for? Who would you like to work with and/or work for?

I have worked for Gap, Women's Closet Exchange in StL. Swank, Blackberry Exchange, The Dance Closet. I'd love to work with a professional merchandizer. I everything I've learn by way of merchandising is self-tot so it'd be great to have some back up in that area. 

What was your motivation behind starting your blog, business, career, etc.? 

To bring something new and interesting to Columbia. Some place that I would enjoy going to and shopping. 

How do you balance your business and personal life?

Right now, my business is my personal life. And I'm okay with that because we are so new I need to make sure this is going great. Also so many of my customer I would know considered my friends. It's a great thing to go into work and deal with friends all day.

How would you describe your overall style?

I'm into the roll out of bed rocker feel. So anything black and anything leather

What are your staple items?

Heels (just all of them), silver cross ring, Oversized top, tight pants or skirt.

If you had to pick 1 item from your closet to describe you as a person, what would it be?

My silver cross ring. I wear it all the time, got it in the Lou from The Silver Lady. It's half rocker, looks vintage, and half totally true. I teach Sunday 

Name your favorite pair of shoes.

I have a pair of Miu Miu's platform heels that are killer. They are brown and red though and I don't wear much brown. I also have THE Manolo suede Mary-Janes, that I'll never wear. I just like looking at them.

Who is your favorite designer? Why?

Well Balmin is ideal. Rocker without trying. But I have a weird soft spot for St John. Old lady chic

What is your favorite season to shop for?

FALL! Sweaters, boots, layering. 

Do you prefer couture or ready to wear pieces? Why?

Well couture of course. One of a kind is always the way to do it. I'm also very into taking on the challenge of taking that one piece that people think they can't (or wouldn't) wear in public and making it totally wearable. 

Do you prefer modern or vintage styles? Why?

Vintage. Again with the one of a kind. Love it

What is your favorite fashion publication? Why?

Lucky Mag. I know I should say W but Lucky is a shoppers magazine and thats what I am. 

Where is your favorite place to shop?

Muse Clothing, Goodwill

If you could shop anywhere, where would it be?

A thrift store in Milan.

What career advice do you have for TheeFashionStories readers?

Do what it is you love and do it a lot.

Who are you trying to reach with your work? 

We are trying to reach anyone looking for something different. Something this town doesn't offer. We are bringing edge to Columbia. 

What mark do you want to leave on this world?

Embrace the difference. 

What makes your work or brand different from your peers?

We are a street style urban clothing store without attitude. We are open and welcoming to everyone. Be prepared to make friends with. 

If you could relocate, where would you move? Why? 

New Orleans. It's the most open, relaxed environment. So many different types of people. And you can drink anywhere! Amazing.

How can TheeFashionStories readers contact you?

Store: 22 South 9th Street Columbia, MO 65201

Instagram: Musecomoclothing and musecomo

Facebook: Musecomo

Phone: 573.222.0MUS


Thanks for being such a sweet person and professoinal business owner Nickie. I am always happy to see you and walk into your store.

M-- USE Clothing is doing great things and I wish you much success!

Much Love,