Business Owner Spotlight: Jordan Williams

Business Owner Spotlight: Jordan Williams

Have you ever met someone that amazes you? Well Mr. Jordan Williams is one of those people for me. His brand, Keefe Cravat, has quickly become the premiere bow tie line in Kansas City, MO. Jordan works tirelessly at innovating and improving his brand! I admire his determination and perseverance. In just a short amount of time, 

Keefe Cravat has been featured in fashion shows all across the Midwest.

Jordan Williams was one of the first small business owners in Kansas City,MO that I met as a blogger. I reached out to him about doing a giveaway and he was gracious enough to donate a Keefe Cravat t-shirt to TheeFashionStories' first giveaway. The first time we met we talked for a little over an hour in a Wendy's parking lot about business and building a brand. I love the fact that Jordan had tips for me. He made me think of TheeFashionStories as a brand instead of just a hobby or blog. For that, I will always be grateful.

It's not everyday that you watch someone who grew up in the same schools as you excel, but I have been blessed to Jordan Williams grow as a business man in a short period of time. I just wanted to publicly tell you how great you are & how much you inspire me.

Keefe Cravat is doing big things and I more than happy for you. Keep soaring!

Much Love,

Jas the Stylist

Ps. Look out for my interview with Mr. Jordan Williams in Lo'Cal Fashion Magazine's first issue in January 2014.