Mini Beauty Haul
Mini Beauty Haul by

Mini Beauty Haul by

I promised myself that I would jump back into the beauty world, so I am dragging you dolls along with me! I am uber excited about wearing more makeup and hopefully clearing up the dark marks on my cheeks. I am going to document my ride with you guys! My next beauty post will be about my skin care routine, so stay tuned! Keep reading to get the scoop on these beauty products!

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream

I love this NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream. I bought it in color SMLC 18. The consistency lives up to the cream name that you expect from the title. I love that the color stains my lips and lasts for a couple of hours. I wore it to work during a four hour shift and the color remained the same despite my water breaks and constant talking. I have been a fan of NYX Cosmetics since I tried one of their lip butters out this summer. This brand is budget friendly and great quality! If you're looking for great inexpensive lipsticks, check out my post here.

Sally Hansen Tweezers 

These Sally Hansen tweezers are my favorite piece of this mini haul. I bought them as a pair at Target for less than $3. The cheetah print is adorable and adds spice to my makeup bag. I got tired of looking at my old boring pair of silver tweezers. I use tweezers to rid my face of unwanted hair. I had to stoop waxing because I kept breaking out. Tweezing takes time, but I like the structure of these tweezers. They are compact enough for my small hands and sharp enough to grab deep hairs.

e.l.f. Cosmetics Brushes

These e.l.f. Cosmetics brushes are an oldie, but goodie. I started using e.l.f. brushes during my freshman year of college and have been hooked ever since. I needed new brushes because I have never, ever washed my old ones. I know that it's gross, but I seriously was a bum when it came to my makeup up until now. A girl has to grow up, right? So I took a step into the right direction y buying a new foundation brush and a new shadow brush!

Thank you for checking out my latest beauty haul! Is there anything that you want to see me review? I'm open to exploring more brands. I love cost efficient brands that are great quality. Just like you, I love to get a bang for my buck! Welcome to 2015 dolls, this is our year! Peace and love!