Happy New Year

Happy New Year
Happy New Year from JasmineDiane.com

It is officially 2015... wow! I am so excited about everything that this new year will bring for me both personally and career related. I know that I will grow a ton and be successful. I love setting new goals for myself with each passion month, so of course yearly goals are one of my favorites as well. I look at new years as black canvas. You can be anything that you want to be. Leave all of the crap that ate you alive last year, there, in last year!

I wanted to use this post and day to thank you all so much for following my blog and sticking with me through the transitions and changes. I really appreciate all of my supporters, both near and far. God has given me my fire and passion for blogging back. I literally can't thank Him enough for this new passion and recharge of energy. 2014 was great and I am going to make 2015 even better. I graduate from the University of Missouri this year and will relocate to Atlanta, GA. Keep me in your prayers in the coming months!
What are your big plans for the new year? Ignore everyone who tells you that you aren't going to change. You can change because you want to. Your desire for success is your first victory, now set up a plan of attack for your dreams and visions. Life is going to be what you make it. We are all going to due eventually so make the most of each day. God will give you everything and everyone that you need if you trust Him!
I will always be here as an encourager, fashion enthusiast, and talker, so stay near. I want to inspire you to grow into the queen that God intended for you to be! Peace and love!