Metallic Sneakers + Floral Crown

Metallic Sneakers + Floral Crown
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Yesterday was the first day of Spring and we were greeted with snow in Kansas City. How was the weather near you? I couldn't do anything, but laugh and slightly complain in my chipmunk voice on snapchat. LOL the weather reminds me that we have no control over God's plan. The same rings true with falling in love, losing a job or receiving random gifts from those that you love. 

I am always amazed at how God works things out. I don't always like or agree with the way things go, including the weather or the current state of my love life. But none of that means that my life isn't going exactly the way it should be. Do you ever feel like you're wasting time or energy on things that don't matter for your future? I get that. Honestly, I struggle with turning down good opportunities thinking that every opportunity is a blessing. With time I'm learning to say no and that sometimes time and space mean more than an additional project making extra income.

In this day and age, we are all coached to "grind harder" and "go bigger," but honestly sometimes I get tired and want to tune the entire world out. I am always busy and I love 90% of the things that consumer my time, but I still get weary because I'm human. Do you feel like there are never enough hours in the day? Click here to download 20 Ways to Save Time During the Work Week. This checklist includes a list of 20 ways I try to save time and maximize my weekends. I don't always do everything perfect, but I do make attempts every week. My secret to success is never giving up. You can fall, but don't stay there. Don't let one or two kicks, knock you out of the game. You got this!

Funny thing is, it's 7:42am and I'm typing this blog post. Which means I didn't prep this weekend or send off my titles, images and links to my intern. #bummer I am saying all of this to say that we all need to give ourselves and even others more grace. Sometimes life happens or God wrecks our plans, but that doesn't mean give up or let it go altogether. A lot of times, hard times mean you need to change the method of how you do things. 

I am still adjusting to being a full-time working woman along with all of my other titles. Balance is a major key to life. What do you want? How can you get it by working smarter, not harder? Let's figure it out together. If you're on my list then you've already received the checklist. 

Did it resonate with you? Have you used any of those tips? How do you save time? I love tips too!

Thanks for reading. I hope that you were inspired! If you enjoyed this post, check out How Life is Playing Out 10 Months After College and

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