3 important Lessons I've learned from Working Full-Time

3 important Lessons I've learned from Working Full-Time
3 important lessons i've learned from working full-time

Working full-time has taught me so much. I've learned a lot about myself and the world in general. This week marks one month since I slayed day one at my ad agency gig. Working for someone else has forced me to follow rules, be social and taught me so much a bout social media in general. Keep scrolling to learn the 3 most important lessons I've learned from working full-time! 

Never stop learning
You can always learn more. Industries change, so learn what's new. Force yourself to research your industry. Is there a weekly or daily news outlet that reports on trends in your industry? Subscribe to it and always be willing to learn from the people around you.

Nobody cares, work harder
Excuses only satisfy the maker. Turn your issues into ideas and make something happen. You can't quit, so look for solutions. You have to MAKE IT HAPPEN. 

Environment matters
Surround yourself with people and things that make you better. Working in positive places is important. You will do better work when you're comfortable and have freedom to express yourself. Maybe not if you're into banking, but for creatives this is true. Think about your ideal workplace and find a company that has a similar philosophy. 

Do you have any tips for working full-time while maintaining a personal brand?

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