Kyla Cherry

Kyla Cherry

Kyla Cherry is an entrepreneur, and fashion enthusiast originally from Wyandotte, Kansas but currently residing in Kansas City, Missouri. Kyla focuses on independent creative directing, and wardrobe styling. As a Stephens College woman, Kyla is not only studying fashion communication; she lives, breaths, and eats fashion. It has become her way of living. Recently she studied at the London College of Fashion in London, England. Kyla has personally styled, and consulted clients such as Kansas City, Missouri's councilwoman, Cindy Circo and she has created fashion editorials for publications such as Lo'Cal Fashion Magazine, and Inspire Magazine of Atlanta, Georgia.I don't remember how I came across Kyla Cherry, but ever since then I have been impressed with her style and smile. She knows her stuff and that is what amazes me. Kyla's success and growth since starting college is just the beginning. Keep reading to learn a lot from this stylish fashion editor, Kyla Cherry!

If you could style anyone, rather they are alive or dead, who would they be? Why?

I would style the British singer and pop star, Rita Ora. She is one person I can say that will push the boundaries and try new things.What era do you pull the most artistic inspiration from for styling? I pull a lot of inspiration from the 1990’s, and the 2000’s juts because I want my work to stay as relevant as possible. I love the 60’s era, so hopefully I will get the chance to express that artistically soon.

 What are your plans for after graduation from college? Do you plan to move to New York or LA or Paris? Are you going to further your education after undergrad?

My plans after graduation are to work for a magazine publication in Chicago or New York city, while also planning the launch of my own fashion magazine publication. I don’t plan on living in Paris, but I do plan on visiting again. I was following your summer abroad via Instagram and it looked pretty fantastic.

Name the one thing that you missed the most while abroad. Why? Could you see yourself living overseas for an extended period of time and possibly forever?

It was amazing! One thing I missed the most while studying abroad was my Ranch dressing. Europe has no idea what they are missing out on not having Ranch dressing. For salad, for pizza etc. You never realize how much you eat certain things until you visit another country. But, it was all worth it! I could see myself living in London. Its such a thriving city, and so many trends are born there.

You have a pretty eclectic style. Name five of your favorite pieces in your closet and explain why? 

I think I have more than 5 faves! My first favorite piece in my closet are my Deena and Ozzy open toe metallic booties. They are so different, and I love the brand itself. My second favorite item would have to be my cat ear headbands. I have two, and I have a have with small cat ears on them as well. The cat ear trend hasn’t caught on in the Midwest yet but they will very soon. They are a funky way to dress any outfit up. My third favorite piece in my closet would have to be my silver metallic platform heels from topshop. My fourth would definitely be a vintage denim jacket (very 80’s esq) that I found in London this past Summer. My fifth piece would be between my black, knee high quilted Jeffery Campbell boots, and my double platform white sneakers.

What advice do you have for anyone wanting to become a stylist or enter the fashion industry in general? More specifically what advice do you have for high school young ladies interested in attending a fashion college, such as Stephen College? What are some of the perks that you have earned as a Stephens student? 

My advice: Do what you want while keeping a professional face. If you want to do it, just go for it. Do your research, and keep researching. The industry is ever evolving, and you must stay on your toes. Try different things, different stores, different foods, even hang out with different people. You never know what you might learn or where it might lead you. Start to go to museums, and art galleries. Take a walk in a park. Go against the grain! Next time you go shopping, go by yourself and get what YOU want and not what your friends think is cute. TRAVEL! You don’t have to go out of the country. Take a road trip. Get on the bus, do anything to gain another perspective. If you live your life doing and experiencing the same things over and over, you will never have an eternal source of inspiration.The list of perks being a Stephens woman are endless. But I would say that the most important benefit is the endless amount of information our instructors in the fashion department have because they either have worked in the industry, or are still very active in the industry roles. These are women who have “been there, and done that.” Their feedback and constructive criticism is so crucial to the success of our careers.

 Here are the best ways to contact Kyla Cherry: Email Instagram: __kylacherryMore interviews are to come. Toodles!