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How to Find Your Style

Stylejasmine diane
How to Find Your Style
How to find your style with

Recently, I decided that I wanted to recreate myself. I am growing out my hair, losing weight, and want a new wardrobe to match that! I am on a journey with no particular destination in mind. I have started to look for style inspiration with bloggers, everyday people, magazines, and of course Instagram.

I want my confidence, sassy, feminine nature to spill into my wardrobe. After all, dressing is a way of life. Do you want to recreate yourself as well? Maybe tweak a few things? Well there is no time like the present. You can be whomever you would like to be as long as you work hard enough. Continue reading to learn how to find your style.

How to Find your Style
1. Put together a collage of your favorite looks.
2. Find 3 colors or prints that you want to build your wardrobe around.
3. Try on different style tops, bottoms, and shoes. Jump outside of your comfort zone!
4. Buy shape wear & make sure your bras & panties are the proper sizes. Invest in a few thins, push up bras, and stockings.
5. Shop, shop, shop for staple items such as pencil skirts, denim with various washes, a nice pair of slacks, a white button down, etc.
6. Use your collage to pull together looks similar to those that you love with pieces from your closet.
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