Jasmine Deadmon of JXL

I am honored to introduce you all to Jasmine Deadmon. She is the full-time owner and operation of JXL Handmade Earrings. On top of that she is a full time mother. JXL is her passion and she takes pride in each pair of earrings that she creates. I was first introduced to Jasmine's earring collection by one of my mentors. I never imagined that I would get a chance to interview her and even own a pair of JXL earrings so soon!

Jasmine Deadmon is not only super talented and innovative, but Jasmine is also local. It is my desire that you all fall in love with JXL and support Jasmine's dreams. She is amazing and her work speaks for itself. Continue reading to learn more about Jasmine Deadmon of JXL Handmade Earrings. 
Where do you see your career in 5 years?
 I would like to make more than ears pop, and also own a brick and mortar boutique.
What was your motivation behind starting your blog, business, career, etc.?
 I started JXL because I had a hard time finding big unique lightweight earrings. When I started 4 years ago I couldn't find anything over 3 1/2 inches other than the basic hoop and if I did find something the earring was very heavy and everyone had that same pair. So I started making my own, that way I could guarantee myself that they would be one of a kind and light on my ears.
How do you balance your business and personal life? Is there a balance?
I haven't figured out how to balance my personal life and my business yet!
What does confidence mean to you?
Embracing your originality and being in love with it.
Where do you find inspiration?
I find inspiration in everything, but to be more specific COLOR!!! Anything that catches my eye, from a dress to a toy my child might be playing with. Color is what excites me, it makes my creative juices flow. Color is limitless.
What is your biggest dream or aspiration?
My biggest dream is make JXL a well known brand! I have a few customers in London and Australia I'm so thankful for and it speaks volumes to what I could do if I continue to work really hard!!! I want customers all around the world!!!
Who is your style icon?
Josephine Baker... To me the mother of big earrings
If you had to pick 1 item from your closet to describe you as a person, what would it be? 
My Steve Madden Winona wedges! I love them!  They are funky and very colorful
What is your favorite season to shop for?
Fall is my favorite. All the boots, coats, sweaters, etc... there's so much to choose from. It's all about Layering
What career advice do you have for TheeFashionStories readers?
Do what you love!!!! And you will never work a day in your life!!!!
Who are you trying to reach with your work?
Girls that aren't afraid of standing out!!! Girls who peacock their originality.
What makes your work or brand different from your peers?
I take pride in my handcrafted work. I do my best to make sure EVERY PAIR is neat. My earrings are my canvas they are babies. So I put in a lot of work/love into each pair I create and what them to live in good homes where my work is appreciated. I also take pride in creating a lot of one of kind pieces that are light on the ears.
If you could relocate, where would you move? Why?
I would have to split this in between to places. London because I never wanted to leave, great people, good food, wonderful entertainment. And San Diego for the exact same reasons!!!!
How can TheeFashionStories readers stay connected to you?
Facebook: JXLdesigns84
Thank you for sharing your time and wisdom with TheeFashionStories. I wish you much future success and even more expansion. JXL will continue to thrive with your sweet spirit, creative ideas, and innovative designs. I am a fan of JXL and can't wait to host a joint giveaway.
Much Love,