Girl Talk: I Got the Blues

Girl Talk: I Got the Blues

If you follow me on twitter then you may have seen a few of my tweets pertaining to everyone having babies, getting engaged, wedding photos, etc. A lot of my childhood friends and schoolmates have traded in their party clothes for diaper bags and wedding rings, and it bothers me. It bothers me because I always imagined myself married or at least engaged at this point in my life or at the bare minimum in a serious relationship, but here I am single while everyone else is toasting to forever and bringing life into the world.

By this point, you are either super annoyed with my complaints or relating perfectly. Either way thanks for reading. There's more to this rant than merely ranting. I wanted to bring it all full-circle and encourage you to find the bright side in your life. I am working on doing the same for myself. There's nothing wrong with being single, or being married, or having children while working towards securing a better future for yourself. The problem is comparing your life to others.

I am learning to find contentment everyday and to surround myself with people who are going down similar paths in life as myself. I admire young married couples and young mothers. That admiration has turned to jealousy because I don't feel needed these days. Weird? I'm at a place in life where I feel totally alone. It's a scary place to be so naturally I am bothered by the happy pictures that I see on social media. The best advice that I can take is from the Bible, Paul says to "Be content in every situation."

Contentment can be tough to grasp and feel damn near impossible, to reach, but you have to fight for it. I have to fight for it because life is a journey. You will never enjoy the journey if you're focusing on someone else's footsteps. Keep walking, learning, and loving. One day, someone is going to come along and compliment every single quirky, embarrassing, and lovable thing about you. Or at least that's what they tell me. LOL

Can you relate to my rant? Give me your thoughts ladies and gents. This one was juicy and a tad difficult to write. Do you ever get tired of seeing everyone else get married?

Did I mention that 2 of my exes are now married? Geesh, why is time going by so quickly?

With Sparkle and Spice, Jas

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