How to Start a Brand That People Care About
How to start a brand people care about

How to start a brand people care is a big tasks. I talk a lot about "branding" and perfecting your personal brand on my blog and social media accounts but what is it? How do you successfully start your brand? I'm going to tell you how below. If you've already got a brand that you'd like to see grow, then click here for the FREE RESOURCES I USED TO BRAND MYSELF FOR SUCCESS. 

Here are 3 easy steps to identify your brand:

Point 1: Who Are You?

The first step in starting a brand is answering this question, "Who are you?" You must be clear on who you are and who you aren't before starting a successful brand.

Yes, brands evolve overtime but core values should stay the same. Core values are non-negotiables that are true no matter how your brand evolves. 

For me, I have and will always empower women. I started doing that with styling then career tips and now brand development. Think about your favorite YouTuber or music artist. They don't have share the videos or songs on the exact same topic, but their message remains the same AKA entertainment. 

Think about your brand's core values. List out a few words or phrases that tell the world who you are.

Point 2: What Are You Good At?

The second step in starting a brand is capitalizing on what you are good at. Everybody wants to work with Beyoncé because she is "the best" at what she does. You shop at the City Market over Wal-Mart for produce because its fresh aka the best, right? 

Think about it.

What are your star qualities? What makes you different from the competition? What do you get recognized for?

For me, I'm know for my bubbly personality, networking brunches, Girl tees and blog. I'm good at empowering women through my personality, events, merchandise and blog content. Empowerment comes easy for me because it's a gift God gave to me and I flex it as much as possible.

Do you create SEO strategies like a pro? Do you slay hairstyles better than anyone you know? Are your nail designs out of this world?  

Point 3: Who Can You Serve?

The third step in starting a brand is figuring out who you can serve. Think about who needs what you have.

Do you cater to recent graduates? Working mothers? Beauty industry professionals? Young brides?

For me, I serve professionals with interests in entrepreneurship in creative fields. I know this because you are the ones who engage with me on social media, attend my events and purchase my services. Digging deeper... I serve professionals of color in the Kansas City, New York and Atlanta areas. Analytics don't lie.

Who can you serve as a brand? What does your ideal consumer like to do? Need help doing? This is where you come into play. Serving is how your brand becomes successful. 

Branding goes hand in hand with identity and audience awareness. You must have an idea of who you are, what you can offer and who wants it to create a successful brand. 

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