How to Brand Yourself to Stand Out

How to Brand Yourself to Stand Out
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Today I am going to teach you how to brand yourself to stand out. Branding is perception with a pinch of reality.  Everyone is looking for ways to stand out from the crowd and I've learned to do this by simply being confident in myself.

Below are important ways to help you boost your confidence when selling your personal brand in order to stand out.

Save Your Receipts

You have to brag on yourself to stand out. Let your honors, awards and status speak for you. Don't be afraid to share pics of you winning awards, getting promoted or moving on to a new role.

If you don't share your receipts then you won't be perceived as creditable. I'm not saying make the world about you, but what I am saying is blast good news about yourself. You cannot relay the outside world to toot your horn for you.

Be authentic 

People relate to people not robots. Let your personality show through your writing, style, resume, LinkedIn profile and so much more. Show your passions by raising your hand to volunteer at work, starting a non-profit or social media movement like #MyGirlStory.

If you are in a room, it's because someone thought that you were beneficial to the conversation. It can be difficult to find your voice when you first start to brand yourself, but you must push past the fear. 

Be Prompt

When it's time for you to show up and show out... do just that. Be prompt when responding to emails, attending events and anything else that has your personal brand aka name attached to it. People will remember how quickly you responded to their asks or how rude you were by ignoring their emails.

It is a good practice to respond quickly to emails to tell people that you got their message and will reply within 5 business days instead of letting their message sit in your inbox for 2 weeks. Common courtesy goes a long way.

Dress the Part

You gotta be fly to stand out. Your fly might not be my fly and that is okay. Be confident enough to wear what makes you happy. I love mixing prints and colors even if it doesn't exactly match.

I've found that when I step out the box with looks I am the most confident. To heck with fashion rules and embrace your inner fashionista. Click here to check out some of my latest style posts.

Describe your personal brand to me below. I'm curious to know what you do and how I can help.

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