How to Organize Your Closet

How to Organize Your Closet
How to Organize Your Closet

Is your closet a mess? I know, I know. You get dressed and things get crazy. I am a woman to so I get it, but I have a solution. Well I have a few tips on how to organize your closet. I like to shop in my own closet like it's a store, so visual appeal is #1 to me. I hate going into my closet when it's cluttered, so I try to get rid of things seasonly if not more. There are tons of people in need, so I like to donate to people that I know personally or organizations within my community. There was a message in that, catch it & give back. 
Step-by-Step Rules to Organizing Your Closet 

1. Find everything a home
Hang up all of your dresses, blouses, denim, jackets, and skirts. You should fold down all of the workout gear, knit tops, and socks. Save closet space for items that wrinkle easily. In the future I would like to have closet for my lingerie similar to Mariah Carey. Put all of your shoes in their appropriate boxes and spaces. If you are out of space in your closet try a storage container that goes below your bed. 
2. Color coordinate your clothes
Hand everything up following the color wheel. Start with white then warm colors then cool and ending with black. It is easier to find things when they are organized by color. It also puts things into perspective when shopping for the new season. For example, I have a lot of black in my closet so I will buy scarves with pops of color and black boots. Learn your closet and maximize your wardrobe! 
3. Make it look cohesive
This is the part where my retail experience kicks in. Try to place each hanger equal distance apart and make sure that all of your hangers are the same color. If you want to spice things up add wooden handers. I would like to purchase new hangers in the future, but for now I use plastic, white hangers for just about everything except for skirts.

Tip: Purchase bins/containers to hold all of your extra closet items. Try over the door hooks, jacket racks, and under the bed storage as well.

I hope that this post was insight as you get ready to go back to school, get the kids ready for school, organize your guest house, etc. Take a peak into my world here and like my blog's page on Facebook!