Dressing Is A way Life

Dressing Is A way Life

Dressing is a way of life. Are you living right? I mean honestly what you wear speaks volumes for you. Recently, I have grown to appreciate quality clothing over fast fashion clothing. I cannot explain enough how much I have learned as a full-time retail intern worker. After working 40-48 hours per week on my feet I have gotten out of the habit of wasting money on cheap clothes that won't lasts & racking up credit card debt. I could go into a 20 page rant on credit card debt alone, but I will save that for another post. Now back to dressing is a way of life.

How do you look at clothes, fashion, personal style, etc.? Is personal style important to you or are you into trends? Do you like to look like everyone else or stand out? Do you shop chain stores or boutiques? All of these things effect the way that fashion effects your sense of style. Personally, I am currently focus on losing weight so I am buying shoes & accessories instead of apparel. I have decided to start up a watch collection. Nothing majorly expensive, just something to call my own. I love watches so I figured they would be a great start. What do you love? Start to collect it.
Next, I decided to invest in my panty drawer! I know, I know I told you all that I like to work in granny panties in another post, and it still holds true! Ha. I am opening up my eyes to lace, things, boy shorts, etc. I'm young and figure that spicy lingerie is fun for me! Since committing to celibacy I have no one to share my panties & bras with so I am collecting those as well. I love for mine to match, what about you? I know a woman who matches her undergarments to her clothes. I thought that that was cute!
All in all, what you wear rather it is on the outside or hidden from the eye says a lot about you so get rid of those stained panties, grass stained jeans, frayed blouses, etc. You know you have them and I was guilty as well for while until I started to think a little harder. Nonetheless, think more about what you put on your body & inside your body! Love you all lots!I hope that this post was helpful! Send me feedback & follow me on Instagram.