Girl Talk with Wendy Doyle of the Women's Foundation

Girl Talk with Wendy Doyle of the Women's Foundation
Wendy Doyle

Two week's ago I had the pleasure of having girl talk with Wendy Doyle, President & CEO of the Women's Foundation. I hate to call it an interview because we talked more like old friends. It is always a pleasure to speak with intelligent, successful women with a love for style and individuality. We chatted about policy, female empowerment and being fearless.

You owe it to yourself to hear first hand from a female CEO who spends her time committed to empowering and educating women. Click play to hear more about Wendy Doyle and the amazing work that the Women's Foundation is doing.

Women's Foundation
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Isn't she amazing? I love hearing from powerful, confident women in leadership. We are often underrepresented and ignored, so to see someone like Wendy committed to equal pay and women taking fashion risks was a breath of fresh air. Do yourself a favor and click here to learn more about getting involved with the Women's Foundation.

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