Isis Manning

Have you ever been in awe of someone's style? This does not happen to me often, but Isis Manning's style caught my eye on Instagram. Her attention to detail and edge create a perfect combination. She dresses trendy, yet still holds true to her personal style. I love the way that Isis wants to stay local and work with all of the amazing people from Kansas City, Missouri. It is not not often that you find people who want to give back, but Ms. Isis Manning is one of those amazing individuals. Stylists come a dime a dozen, but Isis is something special. Keep reading to learn a little bit more about Isis Manning!

Who have your worked for/with? Who would you like to work for/with?
I have worked with BMS and currently I am working with Jordan Williams as a image consultant for Keefe Cravat. I would love to work with KC Fashion Week. I love supporting my city by working with local business owners. What motivated you to become a stylist?
My motivation was my childhood. I was never that pretty or well dressed a huge tomboy. I worked with what I had. Now I use it to my advantage & I wear it with confidence. Confidence means to be bold, daring, and free. It's something you can not buy, borrow or lend. It's personal growth that nobody can determine but you. I want other girls and women to grow from their perfect imperfections. It motivates me to motivate others. I find inspiration in God and my future. His grace humbles me. When it comes to my styling, I try to be better than I was yesterday and last year. Growth is always key.
Isis Manning
Describe your style. Who is your fashion icon? My overall style is so diverse that I don't believe that there is a name to combine it all in one category. My style is vintage, urban, and chic. My fashion icon is Ciara. Ever since goodies I had to have my baggy boy pants & crop top. That is my favorite combo! She makes boy clothes look good and I love it! Now we are both evolving to women with more class but still have the sass when necessary.
Pick what item from your closet that describes you.
If I had to pick an item from my closet to describe me it would be something neon because its vibrant, loud and eye catching.
Who is your favorite designer?
My favorite designer is Balmain. The looks give me everything. I love the styles are similar but never repeated.
What is your favorite season to shop for?
My favorite seasons to shop for are spring and winter. Spring because it is so fun & innocent, gives me chances to really showcase color. Winter because it is such a challenge to try to be cute & stay warm at the sometime.
Isis Manning
What career advice do you have for TheeFashionStories readers?
My career advice would be don't think just do it & think afterwards how great it was that you did it. Be bold and make you work for you. Just because someone else can pull something off doesn't mean you can and always remember to switch it up.
How can TheeFashionStories readers contact you?
Readers can contact through email
Isis thank you for an awesome, detailed interview. I look forward to seeing you while I am in Kansas City, Missouri and maybe even working together on a project. I am a huge fan and can't wait to see what's next for you. The possibilities are endless for you! Keep up the good work!
Much Love,