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365 Days Later

Lifestylejasmine diane
365 Days Later

By Jasmine Cooper

Store reviews are super fun!
It has been a whole 365 days since TheeFashionStories was born and I am ecstatic!!!! Words cannot express how proud I feel at this very moment. I could move mountains with my smile right about now. I want to send out a very special thank you to God and my family. I could not have had so much success without Him and all you guys. This journey has had so many great stops along the way. This is just the beginning for TheeFashionStories.
I remember starting this blog, thinking  "no one will read it." Then I started to get more into it and wanted to share it with my peers. Over night I worked hard and made it happen. I am still a baby blogger, but it feels really great knowing that my work is positively touching lives. There is no greater feeling than knowing that because of what you are doing, people have decided not to give up on themselves. The future is bright for TheeFashionStories and I am honored to be the anchor of this ship.
Print blocking is my absolute fav!!!
To my team, thank you all so much for always having my back. Sinead, Nikki, and Isabella I don't know how the TFS Beanie launch would have went on without you gals. I love you all and it is a pleasure being your boss, but more importantly friend. I wouldn't trade any of you all for the world. I genuinely love what I do and working hard at it is what I will continue to do. There are still so many more things that I want to accomplish. I don't think that my dreams are impossible anymore and neither should you. Go for what you want and be confident.
To everyone that I have had the pleasure of interviewing, thank you so much for sharing your story with TheeFashionStories. I am blessed to have met so many amazing, young people. Honestly, I feel like God chose me for this very purpose. I am positive that I am doing exactly what I was created to do. I love blogging and the possibilities are endless for TheeFashionStories.
The day that it all started to make sense.
So I bet you guys are wondering what is next, hun? Well I am going to continue blogging and interviewing fresh talent. My contact information is here if you would like to be featured on my blog or have some other type of business proposal. Thanks for supporting my dreams and viewing TheeFashionStories. Please leave any comments that you have below and have a fabulous weekend!
Much Love,
Jas the Stylist