Black Tee x Denim Skirt
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Photos by Steven G

I just might be turning into a skirt obsessed fashion blogger. I love the way fitted skirts hug my curves and give my body structure. They are perfect for lazy days and busy Saturdays when you don't want to wear jeans.

I paired this denim skirt with a simple cropped tee to keep the look casual. You can dress this look up or down by change your shoes and accessories.

Where would you wear this outfit? Leave your response in the comment section below.

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The Best Way to Style a Pink Zara Blazer
The best way to style a pink zara blazer
how to wear a sweater dress
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Sweater dress: H&M // Blazer: H&M // Shoes: Off Broadway

The best way to style a pink Zara blazer is with a pink H&M sweater dress and black oxfords. Pink is my color and I must admit that I'm a sucker for monochrome outfits. I snapped these pics while visiting NYC for a Twitter and WWP event for my job.

I fall in love with the big Apple a little more each trip. What's your favorite thing to do in New York City? You can check out my latest #NYFW post here.

Would you believe it was raining during this shoot and my leaveout disrespected me? Ha, I am telling you no lies. Humidity is the devil for naturals. Lol

Now back to fashion... This look is perfect for a quick day at the office or running errands on a busy Saturday. Thanks for checking out the best way to style a pink zara blazer.

Where would you wear this look to? Tell me below in the comment section.

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5 Myths You Need to Stop Believing About LinkedIn
5 Myths You Need to Stop Believing About LinkedIn

Do you have a LinkedIn profile? Yes? No? For the next few weeks I'll be digging deeper into building a stronger LinkedIn profile with easy steps. If you haven't already... go read 5 Silly Mistakes You're Making on LinkedIn before you read this post. Now that housekeeping is taken care of, let's get into 5 myths about LinkedIn that you need to stop believing. 

Myth #1: LinkedIn is Only For Old People

Scratch that. LinkedIn is for anyone looking for a job and to build their professional network. You are never too young to start an account. If you've got a resume then you need a LinkedIn profile. I started my profile in college without have ever having a full-time job. Build your network while you build your experience. If you stay ready then you don't have to get ready.

Myth #2: It Doesn't Help People Get Jobs

This is pure foolishness. We live in a technology lead society, sis. LinkedIn is the easiest way to get discovered online without having an actual profile. Quiet as it's kept, I have a bomb friend who works at Vogue Magazine because the recruiter found her on LinkedIn. Stop sleeping on this site! 

Myth #3: It's All About Connections

Nope. Connections are great, but the right connections open doors. Do not just add anyone who request you. Look for familiar faces when connecting on LinkedIn. Ask yourself if this person can speak to your work ethic or integrity? If they can't then chances are you can let that connection sit in your inbox until you're personally invested in cultivating a relationship with this individual.

Myth #4: Nobody Is Checking My Profile

Somebody is always watching, know that. Did you know that there is a feature where people can view your profile undetected? Yep. I can't stress this enough, recruiters are checking LinkedIn so you need to be there with an amazing profile.

Myth #5: LinkedIn is Not a Social Network

LinkedIn is one of my favorite social networks because I can share all of my experiences, both professional and blog related. It's the perfect place to creep on industry professionals and share articles of your work. You can direct message peeps, share your resume, read industry knowledge and join professional groups/forums... that all sounds social to me. 

That's a wrap, sis. I hope that this article helped you to realize that LinkedIn is bae. You have to learn how to use this tool if you want to advance your career. 

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Spring Makeup Trends with B.Rich

Ladies it's official; Spring is Here!  As you pack up those winter sweaters, and dust off those pastels, brights and everything floral in between; look at a few of springs hottest makeup trends!

Now we all know perfect skin is our year-round infatuation; but skin like makeup is literally breathing a new life this season! Leading my first trend mention.


#1. The NO Makeup, Makeup look.

Yes, you read it right!  Less is more this spring. Using A light weight C.C or B.B cream can give you a natural, breathable coverage. Already Own a foundation you love? Try adding a moisturizer to your favorite liquid and Cream foundations for a softer coverage.

B.Rich Quick Tip: Don't forget to prime your skin! Prepping your skin with primers per your skin type is key for perfecting your skin and assisting with long lasting makeup!

#2. Glow on Girl.

Highlighting has become one of the most Hyped trends over the last season and it's here to stay.

For spring try repurposing your favorite highlighter to stay on top of Springs dewy illumines approach.

B.Rich Quick Tip: Adding touches of any high pigment to your Eyes, Cupid's Bow, Cheeks and Even lips pre-gloss application. It's this seasons Midas touch


#3. Give it a POP!

Let your eyes do the talking.
Colored Eyeshadows are a spring favorite as most lips combos this season are a little on the nude side.

B.Rich Quick Tip: Not totally sold on bright colors all over your lids. tone it down with colored liners or add pops of color on your lower lash line.

And for my final tip!


#4. Do you!

Makeup is all about self-expression; since being your true authentic self will never go out of style have fun with it. Remember the best thing about makeup is you’re not stuck with it. Just Wash your face and create a new work of art as often as you please!

For more makeup tips & blog post, follow @Brichtalksbeauty on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter.

Xoxo -B.Rich

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About B. Rich

Brittni Fontleroy better known as B.Rich has traveled an unique journey sharing her gifts both behind the scenes and on stage. 

As Makeup artist doubled as a Background Vocalist you may have seen her with the likes of power house Artist like Lalah Hathaway, Kelly Price, Abraham Mcdonald, Faith Evans,Jonathan McReynolds, Sevyn Streeter, Hezekiah Walker, The cast of Rnb Divas, and more. 

A young multi-business owner; equipped with a heart of gold and passion for women around the world, She currently travels as A beauty educator promoting self care, self esteem and entrepreneurship.   

As A wife, mother of two and creative; she is determined to prove with diligence and persistence you can have your cake and eat it too! 


Female Bosses 101: ZaMar Lewis
zamra lewis
stylist in atlanta
black stylist in atlanta

Welcome to the first edition of Female Bosses 101 featuring fashion designer and stylist, ZaMar Lewis. Her style is second to none. I always find myself double tapping her Instagram pictures so when I wanted to start doing interviews again, I had to reach out via DM. I’ve never seen someone create such eye-catching looks with bold colors and prints consistently. She literally nails every single look. Keep scrolling to learn more about the stylish and super talented, ZaMar Lewis.

How would you describe your brand to your 13-year-old self?

Girl! Everything you want is literally at your fingertips!  All those “crazy” ideas you have, make them happen. Ask question like your life depends on it. No fear! Don’t allow anybody to discourage you or make you feel like a career in fashion is impossible. You already know what you want, so give it 100% and ignore every naysayer! I love you! Now go take over the world mama!

You just found out that you must catch a red eye to London in 5 hours. What 5 items are you throwing in your suitcase?

  1. Army Fatigue Jacket
  2. 6 inch red pumps
  3. A Yankee fitted
  4. My sewing machine
  5. A good pair of Detailed jeans

Where are your favorite places to shop?

Zara, Buffalo Exchange and ShopZaMarAndJenn (not necessarily in that order)

Describe the pivotal moment in your career where you knew you had something special.

I honestly can’t think of a pivotal moment. What I can say is when I show up on set and make something out of nothing every time, it me makes me feel like the very first time. I surprise myself.

how to wear a sequin skirt

What does being a boss look like to you?

A boss is somebody that helps others. Someone who is just as willing to be a learner as they are a teacher. Someone doing exactly what they love to and getting paid for it.

If you could meet with your business icon, living or dead, who would it be? What would you like to discuss with them?

My business icon is June Ambrose. If I could meet her I would probably pass out. lol... no really. I’m obsessed! She’s the epitome of everything that I want to be. A mother, wife, fashion god, and a business women. I would ask her how she balances it all so gracefully.

I’d also ask her what are 3 things she would tell me to be successful in the business. And then I’d ask her to be my fashion fairy glam-mother!

Describe a typical day in your life.

The moment I open my eyes, I say a prayer. Then say my affirmations for the day. I work out for an hour grab some breakfast and get down to work. Checking emails, checking my website to see if we have any new orders. I get on my sewing machine and bring my creations to life. Prepare my head for a shoot (if I have one that day).

Before and/or after, I take an hour to meditate, I’m a true introvert, so I must prepare myself to be around people. I may read for an hour ow two, then I’m online, either for leisure or to find what’s new and hot in the fashion world. Once I’ve done all these things, I say my prayer of thankfulness and I’m off to bed.

Thank you for sharing your story and looks with the Jasmine Diane audience. It was a pleasure working with you and I can’t wait to see more of your style on the gram.

Want me? Check out ZaMar Lewis’s website and Instagram. Peace.

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