3 Reasons to Absolutely Support Your Local Girl Gang
3 reasons to absolutely support your local girl gang

Who Run the World?


Do you support your local girl gang? Do you shop with your friends or are you constantly asking for free product? Do you share your friend's business links? Do you come to their events? Are you sending potential clients their way? These are all ways to support your local girl gang and here are 3 reasons to absolutely support your local girl gang.

 To Gain Credibility

If you're a blogger or business owner it is important to align yourself with brands that serve a similar customer base. Big brands will always have bigger budgets, but smaller businesses have the power of community and good customer service. Do not be afraid to collaborate with other small business owners in your area. Become a local celebrity by partnering with everyone in your area.

Expand Your Professional Network

Supporting your local girl gang means connecting with women in your niche. For example, as a lifestyle blogger focus on post grad life I choose to work with brands/businesses that focus on college girls, inexpensive living and goal building. If your niche is statement necklaces, you might search for bloggers who target trendy or flashy millennial women with discretionary income.

Because You May Need Them in the Future

Bingo! You will need them to share your links, come to your events and send customers your way in the future. Spread love and you will receive love. It's a lot easier to get people to come out to your events when you've been a guest at their event. Support is vital to success and growth.

Shop With My Favorite Girl Gangs

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How to Grow My Brand Pt 1: What to Invest In
how to grow your brand

Now is the time to start thinking about 2018 business goals and investments. Every hustler, entreprenuer and small business owner needs to invest in their brand to see growth year over year. Here's a list of things that I invested in to grow Jasmine Diane from college blog to influencer/business with over 12k collective social media followers and 1000s of pageviews. This series will go in-depth on ways to grow your brand to see growth in brand awareness and coins.

3 Ways to Grow My Brand

  1. Investments

  2. Content

  3. Connections

Brand Investment 1: DSLR camera and Tripod

You need a DSLR camera to take quality pictures. Quality images can take your site from a 1 to 10. Nobody is going to take you serious with pixalated images, bad lighting and bad angles. If you have extra money, invest in a photographer to get images for your website. You can always grab stock images online. Haute Stock has great stock images for side-hustlers. Here are ideas for camera/tripod use:

  • Product shots
  • Headshots
  • Event videos and photography
  • Facebook Live

My Picture Evolution

Brand Investment 2: Laptop

Public computers just won't cut it. You need a laptop to run a business or at least a laptop. If you're a side-hustler, you don't have a lot of time to get things done so you need to be able to work anywhere. Mobility is cash flow when it comes to business. I am currently saving for a new Macbook for Jasmine Diane. I use my laptop to store images, write content, manage my money and so much more. My laptop is home for my business. The only time that I use pen and paper is to take notes and to brainstorm. Technology is the way to go when growing your business. 

Here are a few ways to use your laptop:

  • To conduct webinars
  • To take notes during coffee shop meetings
  • To create content and schedule meetings
  • To store content 


Brand Investment 3: Logo

Your logo says a lot about your brand. Invest in a good logo upfront to save money. Make sure you invest in a designer that believes in your vision and is in your niche. Here are a few of my favorite young and poppin' graphic designers:

My Logo Evolution

Brand Investment 4: Branding with Jas

This is the same system that I used to turn from college blogger to sought after influencer. I've worked with brands such as Dairy Queen, Express, Dove, Bumble and Marie Claire. This year alone I've been on the cover of Kansas City's most popular millennial magazine, Ink Magazine.

Before, I was confused about the power of my brand and what it actually was. At that time, I struggled with growing my social media presence, separating myself from the crowd and expanding my audience.

So, I changed my strategy. Experimented with different ideas. And what happened?

  • Grown my social reach to over 11k
  • Landed paid gigs with Pepsi, Starbucks and More
  • Hosted 3 sold out networking brunches
  • Surpassed over 100,000 pageviews

Stop struggling to make your brand stand out from the crowd and join me on January 20, 2018 for Branding with Jas. Register here. 

Brand Investment 5: yourself

"You" are your most important investment. Take the time to figure out why you are hustling. It's important that your brand serves others and brings you joy. Because a side-hustle with no passion, investments or research won't lead to any money. Investing in yourself means getting away from the noise, taking breaks, investing in your wardrobe, spending time with your family and so much more. You can't give from an empty cup. Make sure you are giving your body fuel and rest to go the extra mile.

My business changed when:

  • I started getting more sleep
  • Stopped shopping for unimportant items and starting making business investments
  • Started traveling
  • Started eating a warm breakfast twice a week


  1. What is keeping you from investing in your brand?
  2. What investments have you made that have made the biggest impact on your brand?

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This Is What You Need For A Killer Resume
This Is What You Need For A Killer Resume

This is a guest post written by Khyneesha Edwards of Resumes by Neesha.

The days of objective statements, reference listings and passive content are over. In today’s insta-society, you’re lucky if a recruiter gives your resume 10 seconds of their day.

Think of your resume as prime real estate. Investing in a few actions words, a little color and a bomb layout is all you need to close the deal and get that interview. Ready to get to work? Keep reading.

1. Professional Title

See that white space underneath your name? It’s begging for more attention, so why not add your professional title? There’s no harm in truly owning what you do. This validates your expertise and shows recruiters that you’re serious about your industry.

If you’re keeping your options open and applying for different positions, consider leaving out a title or creating multiple versions of your resume with different titles. Make sure you coordinate your content! If your resume contains several food service related positions, you may think twice before listing ‘Makeup Artist’ as your title. Wait until you’ve got a bit more experience under your belt.

2. Contact Information

There’s no doubt that you should include your phone number and email address, but if you’ve got your address listed, it’s time to say goodbye. Recruiters don’t care where exactly where you live. If you feel compelled to list your whereabouts, opt for your city and state instead. Applying for positions countrywide? Leave your location off.

Dying to sprinkle a little millennial magic on your resume? Let it be the plug for your website or blog. You should definitely list your LinkedIn profile and you can even add your social media handles. Beware – if they’re on the NSFW side, leave them off and make them private. Your resume’s no place for access to your MCMs and late-night Twitter rants.

This Is What You Need For A Killer Resume

3. Education

You worked hard for that degree, so be sure it’s in a prominent position on your resume. Did you graduate with Latin honors? Show it off! If you’re still waiting to walk across the stage, list your expected graduation date. Once you’re a few years out of school with a few positions under your belt, remove your G.P.A.

4. Areas of Expertise

Otherwise known as your ‘skills’ section, your areas of expertise show what you can do. Not to be confused with soft skills like leadership or timeliness, hard skills are the star of the show here. These skills relate directly to your industry experience and education. Think search engine optimization, visual merchandising or social media marketing. Leave off basic level skills like Microsoft Word or Powerpoint. If you’ve got a Bachelor’s degree or higher, it’s assumed that you passed your high school computer classes.

5. Relevant Coursework

If you’re still gaining experience but have the required education for your industry, list your coursework on your resume. This is a great way to fill empty space without being too fluffy or distracting. Choose 4 or 5 mid to high-level courses that will help you in your professional roles. Once you gain more experience, replace this section with awards, honors and certifications related to your journey.

6. Industry Experience

This is the most important section of your resume. Personality is the number one thing to keep in mind here. Rather than simply listing details you might find in a job description, talk about how YOU completed those details. Numbers, names, places, and dates will set you apart. Include about 3-4 of your most impressive and relative details. No need to list that internship from freshman year of college 6 years ago. A maximum of 5 industry positions should do just fine. Save the rest for LinkedIn.

If you’re applying for different positions, be sure to edit this section so that the information listed is relevant to the position you’re applying for. Look for key words within job listings, find parallels within your personal experience, and you’re all set!

Now that you’ve got all the details, head over to resumesbyneesha.com for a personalized, professional resume package. I’ll create compelling content and design an eye-catching layout to catch your potential employer’s eye. Whether you have an existing brand or are starting fresh, there are tons of design options waiting just for you!

3 Business Tips I Learned at NovelDay Innovation Summit
Media Table.jpg

Imagine a day filled with powerful speeches by some of the country's most successful and sought after entrepreneurs, pitches from startup business owners and a hosts of networking opportunities... now you're thinking novel. I had the pleasure of attending the NovelDay Innovation Summit hosted by Novel City Chamber on Friday, November 17 and it was amazing!


The Powerful Panel

The agenda included the COO of Virgin Mobile, Doug Smith, along with Christopher Darden, prosecuting attorney in the OJ Simpson trial, Cici Rojas of Tico Productions, and Anita Darden-Gardyne, CEO of Oneva. What a lineup! I was blown away at the transparency of the panelists. The panel answered questions about diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Here are three key takeaways that stood out to me:

Be proactive not reactive (in business).

This takeaway is number one because it hit me in the chest like a ton of bricks. Anita Darden-Gardyne made it clear that being successful in business was about being in front of trends and changes. You will get left behind if you’re not doing industry research.

Be aggressive in business.

Do you ever find yourself being passive in business? I do. This takeaway was the fire that I needed to take myself more serious as an influencer and content creator. Aggressive means, “ready or likely to attack or confront; characterized by or resulting from aggression.” How does that relate to business? Being aggressive in business means doing your research before entering meetings, reaching out to industry experts and not taking “no” for an answer.

Be strategic about networking.

Cici Rojas hit this point on the head by explaining the importance of the right connections. I can attest to attending events and neglecting to build my network because I was stuck in my shell. Moving forward, I challenge you to give out at least 5 business cards at each networking event that you attend. It is not enough to attend an event; you must shake hands with the people in charge.

More About NovelDay

Anita Darden-Gardyne spoke openly about her exciting partnership with Microsoft and the importance of diversity certifications for small business owners. If we want to see more growth for minorities in business it takes people like Anita Darden-Gardyne and Christopher Darden sharing their knowledge with the rest of us. Every time someone reaches back to lend a hand and share seeds, a bridge is built.

My Favorite Part of NovelDay

My favorite part of NovelDay was experiencing the small business pitches. It was inspiring to see startups discuss their value, quantify their results and share their dreams. Do you have dreams for your business? If so, my advice to you is to start keeping track of the impact that you are making.


  1. Where do you see your side-hustle in 5 years?
  2. What can you do today to stop being passive in business?

Special thanks to Novel City Chamber for having me. I will be at the next NovelDay Innovation Summit.

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What You Need to Know About Being Black and Female in Advertising
What You Need to Know About Being Black and Female in Advertising
the future is female
jasmine diane fall fashion 2017

Today I'm sharing what you need to know about being Black and female in advertising. I have worked in advertising for almost two years now on some pretty big brands. I love the industry and all the flexibility that comes with it, but growing up I never knew that advertising was open to me.

Being both Black and female means that I am both underrepresented and looked over within advertising. However, the future is female and I believe that representation and shared knowledge can change the game. I hope that you are inspired and empowered when you finish this post. Now let's get down to business.

Always remember... No matter how great you are at your job, you're still Black and female which means you must work 10x's as hard to viewed as “equal.” Papa Pope had it correct. 

Rule #1: Be on Time

Time is money. Advertising is flexible depending on which agency you work for. Learn your agency's company culture. Most places aren't 9am-5pm. Most office hours vary by department within agencies, so ask your boss what a typical work day looks like for someone with your title. Your best bet is to ask, rather than show up late. Get to meetings early... never be the last one in the room. If you're running late or cannot make a meeting, then send an email to your team. Communication is key. You never want to drop the ball. 

Rule #2: Be Fly

Stunt at the office because you can. Get fly from time to time. In a world, full of deadlines and emails, you've got to add spice to the workspace. You already standout because of your Blackness so serve looks. Keep your hair and nails done. Don't be afraid to wear your natural hair one day, then bundles the next. Advertising is a creative field and you must express yourself through your appearance. When you look fly you feel fly, so give the people what they want!

Rule #3: Be Nice

This goes without saying, but don't be "that Black girl with the bad attitude." Even when you're frustrated, play it cool. If you don't have anything nice to say than be quiet. Never roll your eyes or sigh heavy when irritated. Keep direct eye contact during conversations and smile politely in the hallways. I'm not saying let everyone walk all over you, but you cannot "pop off" on anyone at your agency. Word travels fast and your reputation could be ruined by one nasty email. Be assertive with your tone, but never condemning. You want to be approachable and well-liked.

Rule #4: Be Confident

Remind yourself that you were hired to do your job because you can do just that. Walk with your head held high and shoulders back. I must remind myself that I am worthy of standing in spaces where I am the only Black face. You must remind yourself of this, too.

Did you find this post helpful? Check out Ad Agencies and How to Build a Brand from Scratch next. Do you have questions? Leave them below or tweet me @thejasminediane.

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