The Truth About Instagram Models and Insecurity

You want the truth? There are things about myself that I hate, parts of my body that I hate to see in the mirror, memories that I wish I could forget and somedays it's tough to push past all of this. Honestly, insecurity can be crippling and even deadly. A lack of confidence has stopped me from chasing big dreams of mine, posting certain pictures and going certain places. If I can behonest, I get intimidated by pretty girls, especially when they have "perfect" bodies. "Instagram models" make me feel insecure frequently.

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The Official Jasmine Diane Spring Brunch Recap

The Jasmine Diane Spring Brunch was a huge success. I was thrilled to host my first big event in Kansas City. Brunch was filled with beautiful women, spring dresses, rich conversation and of course delicious tuscan eats. I really can’t put into words what it meant to see so many intelligent, young and ambitious women of color on one space. 

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What It Means to be Kansas City MADE

I'm a Kansas City girl through and through. There isn't another city quite like my hometown. We're best known for our BBQ, fountains and dare I say crime rate. Yikes. But to me... KC is home and always will be. But what it really means to be Kansas City MADE to me is to be humble at heart with big city dreams.

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The Real Reason I Took Crazy Time Off

In the famous words of Auntie Bey, "I took some time to live my life." It's been a few weeks since I published my last blog post and so so so much has happened. Sis, I needed a break from my responsibilities to live in the moment. I’m all for the grind, but I’m equally as down for self-care in the form of rest. Social media tells us to never stop working, but the devil is a liar. Rest is good for the soul and love makes life better. Don’t miss out happiness trying to achieve perfection.

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7 Ways You Can Use Your LinkedIn Profile in 2017

Sis, stop playing and add all of your old professors on LinkedIn. Professors know the industry and are often connected to industry professionals near and far. Adding old colleagues and professors opens you up to their network without you having to say much. Someone might consider you for a position just based on the mere fact that you're connected to one of their fav college professors.

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3 Strategies to Get Better at Interviews

OMG this is it... interview day. Sis, I want you to be confident and conversational. Do not answer any questions with one word responses, always explain. You've prepared for this moment all night. Below is a list of 3 strategies to get better at interviews.

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Outfit Advice to the Girl Who Hates Interviews

First things first, what are you going to wear? Be modest AKA no cleavage or short hemlines. I always say play it safe with a little personality during your first interview. Let your resume and personality do all of the work. Don't worry sis, once you get the job you can slay every single day.

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5 Myths You Need to Stop Believing About LinkedIn

Connections are great, but the right connections open doors. Do not just add anyone who request you. Look for familiar faces when connecting on LinkedIn. Ask yourself if this person can speak to your work ethic or integrity? If they can't then chances are you can let that connection sit in your inbox until you're personally invested in cultivating a relationship with this individual.

How to Wear All Black With a Colorful Personality

Are you a fashion lover, sis? Then you've noticed the black and white trend all over. Besides the fact that black is slimming it's also super sleek and professional. Monochrome styling makes my heart smile in general. But... color is sorta my thing. What's a girl to do? Keep reading to learn how to wear all black with a colorful personality.

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The #1 Reason Your Life Isn't What You Want it To Be

Can I be honest with you sis? The #1 reason your life isn't what you want it to be is because you're a people pleaser. It's time to admit that you'd rather go crazy making everyone else happy than put hard work into your brand. Don't worry... I'm guilty too at times. 

I'm guilty of valuing other people's happy over my own because I didn't feel worthy of good things. I'm not singling you out.. but I am calling you out. It is time to do away with overworking yourself with huge tasks for everyone else and ignoring your own happiness. When is the last time that you took a bubble bath? When is the last time that you got a manicure and pedicure?

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