Your Dreams Are Valid
Your dreams are valid. Inspirational quotes for young women.

Your dreams are valid. Do NOT lose yourself. You are important and your aspirations are valid! Your dreams do not need to make sense to anyone in your circle. You are beautiful and you can have the life that you dream about no matter how out of the ordinary it may be. It is easy to lose yourself in the crowd at school, at your job, within your group of friends, or even while in a relationship. Trust me, I've been there.

We all want to fit in and be well liked, but as people we are not like cookie cutters with built-in shapes, dreams, or knowledge, instead we are more original like snowflakes that sparkle in the sunlight. So how is it that we find ourselves being lost in the crowd?

It is because we believe the lies people tell us that prove our dream to be invalid. What if I told you that your dreams are totally valid and much-needed? That is exactly what I am saying. The world needs your dreams and ambition. If you don't, then who will? Lupita's life changing speech is below.

To make this a little more intimate I am going to share part of my life story. Growing up, I was always the smart, ambitious girl who seemed to have it all together. I wore a mask of pride, but I wasn't completely confident in my own skin. I was so caught up in trying to please everyone and have a hand in everything that I wasn't sure what I liked. It wasn't until I came to college that I learned what Jas likes and dislikes.

Being in college was like being married to myself. It was my as if I had to do everything on my own and with so much free time, I had to figure out what the heck I liked to do. In high school, I was super busy with everything that I needed to do that I failed to find out what I truly loved. During my sophomore year of college, I decided to start TheeFashionStories, and that's when it clicked, "Blogging is my passion!" But I am much more than a mere fashion blogger. I am a woman with a desire to inspire future generations and a passion for fashion!

Long story short, I discovered the fact that my dreams are valid by believing in myself. I didn't have a big crowd around me encouraging me to start my blog, I just did it out of pure boredom. What I thought would turn into nothing is now a super awesome blog with fans and subscribers. The same can happen for you. You have to start somewhere. Do not believe the lies that people tell you about limitations on your future.

You may have to work a little harder and negotiate a little smarter than the person next to you, but that is perfectly fine. You are amazing, beautiful, and powerful the way that God created you. He took time out of his schedule to mold you into this beautiful woman that you have become, so don't gov sup on your dreams and passions. Fight for what you love and what you believe in. Your dreams are valid and you will do great things once you finally realize it!

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