While You Were Away

Welcome back to Jasmine Diane! Sorry that I have been away for so long, but I needed a break to revamp my thoughts and enjoy the moment. I graduate from the University of Missouri on Friday, May 15, 2015. I feel excited, nervous, anxious, and everything in between. If you want more details or advice stay tuned. I will be adding more to my Road to Graduation series and giving tips to incoming freshman in coming weeks. Today I am spilling the juicy, jaw-dropping truth about what really went down while I took a break from blogging and giving tips on how to relax!

1. I stopped freaking out over schedules + being perfect.
It sounds simple, right? Stepping away from blogging gave me the chance to live my life without the stress of posting, scheduling tweets, networking, answering emails, etc. I jumped into a freezing cold in my workout clothes last Saturday, laid out in the sun a few days, watched a lot of movies, and finished up all of my course work. I wasn't being effective as a blogger, so I got burned out. Yes, it can happen to the best of us. I don't have any advice on avoiding burnout. It's natural and perfectly okay. Taking time away has given me the fresh air + clear eyes to make necessary changes like getting an amazing intern + switching platforms!
2. I finally got a gel manicure and I love it!
My brother treated me to a manicure for graduation and instead of regular polish I opted for the gel polish. I was super skeptical to try it on my own dime and more than skeptical I was cheap, so naturally I jumped at the idea of a free treat. I chose a mint color that looks white more than mint. I love the gel so far. It is super shiny and doesn't chip. Have you tried any gel polish? What brand did you try? Thoughts?
Questions: What are your summer goals? Have you ever experienced burn out? How did you overcome burn out?
Okay so don't get me a wrong, a ton of other things took place while I was away. I couldn't spill all of the beans in one post. Let's just say that this summer I will be rocking my own jewelry + apparel. Things are moving in a great direction.