What to Bring to Brunch

What to Bring to Brunch
what to bring to brunch

Are you an avid brunch goer? Brunch is one of the best meals of the day, especially on Sundays after church service. There's not much that makes me smile brighter than chicken and waffles with a mimosa and good conversation. Add a cute outfit and great customer service and I'm head over heels into brunch.

Where do you like to brunch? Not sure what to bring to Brunchin With Jasmine Diane? Below I've outline a small list of things to bring to brunch.


Confidence is the number one thing to bring to brunch because it sets the tone for everything else. You'll never get the most out of the next two items without feeling good about yourself. Confidence means knowing what you bring to the table is enough. It looks like standing up straight, making eye contact and strutting your stuff across the room. Confident women rule the world and it's super important to go into group settings with self-confidence.

A room full of beautiful women can be intimidating, but I've learned to hype myself up before, during and after events. Confidence shows in pictures like crazy, so be fearless and hold your head up high. I can promise you that every woman in the room has her own lost of insecurities.

Business Cards

Business cards are a must for business owners. Before you attend any networking brunch or gathering give yourself a goal of X amount of business cards to pass out. I have room to grow with networking using business cards. If I forget my cards, I will swamp social media follows and phone numbers. I prefer to connect on social over email so I can see what someone is "really like."

Don't be afraid to connect on social and to exchange business cards. Be confident in each exchange you make during brunch. Brunchin with Jasmine Diane is about more than a good meal, it's a day where business owners can connect with each other along with their target audience in a laid back atmosphere. Don't miss my last brunch of the year... I promise you'll regret it.

Cute Outfit

This one goes without saying... you have to dress the part.

Here is a post about what to wear to brunch. Do not be afraid to wear color! Rock your favorite heels with your favorite dress even if they don't necessarily go together. Brunch is the time to take risks with your look and have fun. Stop taking yourself so seriously... breath. Come into brunch into a chic outfit with a beat face. A great look will boost your confidence and have you floating across the floor. Trust me, I know.

Now that you know what to bring to brunch, are you more excited for the weekend? I can't wait to spend some time relaxing this weekend. My schedule is bananas right now leading up to Brunchin' with Jasmine Diane (my event) and the Steven G Fall Model Workshop (assistant duties). This month is going to be great!


  1. Are you coming to Brunchin with Jasmine Diane? If so, do you have your outfit yet?
  2. What is your biggest fear about brunch?

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