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What is my PURPOSE?

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What is my PURPOSE?
what is my purpose?

What is your purpose? Why were you created? How can your purpose serve others around you? These are important questions to ask yourself before making any life-decision.

I have never felt better or more useful to this Earth, than I do now because I am walking in my purpose. Everything that I have been through has prepared me for this moment. The same is true for you. It's evident in the way you carry yourself. Everything that has happen to you, good or bad, has prepared you for this very moment. Believe it.

How to find your purpose

Interests: What do you like to spend your time doing? What types of books or blogs do you read? If you could do 3 things for the next 24 hours, what would they be? Tap into these things.

Talents: What are you good at? Did you win a poetry slam? Voted class clown? Do you beat faces with your brushes like no other? Do more of that thing!


Pain: What injustice breaks your heart? I hate to see girls and women with low self-esteem so I inspire through words. For you it could be that you hate to see people hungry so you spend time at the homeless shelter serving.

How I found my purpose:

I found my purpose through blogging. I have always been a talker and into fashion, so naturally my blog involves a lot of girl talk and style advice. It wasn't until recently, that I accepted the purpose that God placed inside of me to inspire other women. There wasn't a big, loud voice or anything, just constant reminders from other people that they valued my work and could relate. Comments from friends and strangers ever, inspired me to write more and give my blog more thought.

I could go on and on, but the main takeaway is that I found my purpose through my talents and life experiences. I gained confidence to walk in my purpose through affirmation from others and when the money started rolling in.

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